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MyDMX2.0 Easy View 3D Will Release Late 2013!!! We will release the 3D as soon as it is stable and reliable. We are sorry for the delay on this.

Due to the complete redesign of the MyDmx program from 1.0 to 2.0, we are unable to use the older 3D interface. We will have to start from scratch. The full process will take us into late 2013. Our Design team is working as fast as they can with this, however, it will take some time. Again we are sorry for the delay
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i asked for some support for profiles just before the forum moderator took leave from adj and even emails were being bounced back, so i ended up learning how to make the profiles, so from now on i will help with profiles, and once my internet is back on as i am changing providers, my skype will be on 24/7, if i am out on a gig i will give prior notice. its a good box and program with poor support, but not any more for fixture profiles
Good morning.

We are now in late 2013, do we have any update on the 3d visualization? I love the product but as many will agree, I don't have the space to setup my lights at home to ensure they work as I want.

The 3d part is a must and I am hoping it will be out very soon. does anyone have any updates on this please?


DJ Powers
At this stage in the product release and blatant neglect of the customer base it is disingenuous to offer any kind of defense on their actions or should I say inaction. Surely they are aware of the predominantly negative buzz on the forums concerning the DMX software. At this point in time someone from ADJ, even a non-technical staff member, could have mustered up the courtesy to post something for the users. Even a mea culpa and apology for screw ups and delays would go a long way in soothing frayed nerves and the pervasive frustration with trying to use a product that has numerous feature issues. Their silence is deafening.
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Chitowntommy you are spot on, Im mean I would even take we need some beta testers to work out the kinks..... I have made a point in my last 6 new light features to buy the compatition, because I want someone who at least backs their product, and I had one issue with Chauvet (2 days later) email and issue fixed within the week. I dont expect NOW NOW NOW, but at least some words would be nice. Is there even a forum monitor??? Hello ADJ are you listening?
I have to say that I too am disappointed not only with ADJ. I am new to DMX programming and have not found a suitable software solution. I have downloaded most of the programs to see which one will work out best for me.
It seems that they ALL have their problems weather they are low or high cost (incl. controller) programs.
Freestyler has the most support but doesn't have it's own 3d visualizer. You can use easy view but it takes it's own fixture library and it is hard to find some light profiles for it. Chauvet is $800 and some of the fixture profiles for their own lights don't seem to work in it! ADJ has no 3d visualizer and does not seem to have very good support. I have found the whole lighting industry to be lacking in clear instructions for products and concern for it's customers. This stuff is very cool but, also very expensive and too proprietary in nature! If everyone's stuff would play nice together I think more people would get into lighting and spend more $$ for the products. I understand that we are generally below professional level (meaning not theatrical with multi-million $ budgets) but, come on these companies are making lights at our price point!
We deserve a well made, supported, documented product.
I'm just sayin. Right? LOL
Being new to this is getting old quickly!

I'm glad that all my lights and hardware controller work very well together for the most part after some hours of learning what each button, slider, switch and dim (no thanks to the manuals) do!
I still have a long way to go til I am proficient with it but I am learning.

Anybody found a software / dongle / controller solution that will not break the bank and still get the job done?
I have a mix of ADJ and Chauvet lights. The hardest light to find a working profile for in a 3d visualizer is the Chauvet Intimidator spot duo maybe because it is the newest light. No visualizer shows or controls both heads so far.
Anybody had luck with this yet?
I would think that if they cannot give customers an update on the easy view or cannot produce one soon then as a consumer we should be able to have a refund. The software for the dmx2 is incomplete and therefore even though we have waited all this time they still cannot produce the goods. Consumers have rights, I bought this product because of the easy view so that it saves me setting up my lights to do a bit of programming.
This product does not do what it says on the tin.
I have waited long enough, I haven't used mine as yet but I think now after all of this time a refund is in order.
yeah that sounds like trading standards, but if you look at the programs description you will see its not actually advertised as being included within the software. check all the advertisements and see if you see the easy 3d view being advertised. you will find its not and there is no case for trading standards to answer therefor adj dont need to offer a refund. if your not happy with my dmx why not just sell it or just wait like everyone else is doing for the update to come out with the easy view 3d. it will be released as soon as it is stable. hence why it took so long for it being released. would you rather have a fully functional piece of software or a half built constant crashing piece of software?
I assure you all, we are working on it everyday!

YES it should have been ready a long time ago. Yes it sucks it is taking so long, but i promise you if we were to just give it to you now, it wouldn't work right and then you'd all be more upset over a non functioning piece of software. I'll have a new beta of my dmx 2.0 to test in a week or two, the 3D won't be in it yet, but there will be one or two new features in it. I'll post more once I know more.

We really understand your frustration and we apologize for the delay. Give us time, we will do our 110% best to try to make up for it.
Thanks for the update. I'm also wondering if there is the possibility of a Windows 8.1 version of easy remote? I'm not really sure about if it's easy to port the windows 8 phone version over. However, with more and more windows 8.1 and RT based tablets, it would be nice to have a Metro UI remote app.


- M
windows 8 is dead. 9 will be out in 2015 and it will go back to windows 7 type. instead of trying to take a share of the apple market, they should have focused on keeping the PC users that use them day to day in business and personal computing. But that's another thread. All you people who bought Mydmx 2.0 should have known that the visualizer was not yet functional. If you didn't, then you should have returned the interface the minute you discovered it. software history has shown that if you buy counting on the eventual release of something, you will be left out in the cold. VDJ 8 has been in development for over 2 years. Reflex finally popped out after a 5 years wait, but was dead within 6 months. The same goes for RPM, which is pretty much abandoned at version 1.2. Don't complain about your poor choice in buying software that didn't have the feature you wanted the most. It's you're fault for making the purchase. Not ADJ's.
Originally posted by Austindj69:
Hi, I have to say, I am disappointed so have sold myDMX2 and gone over to Chauvet and it works brilliant.

I want to ask again, would you please say exactly what product you got. Is it the same approach as MyDMX, meaning a computer interface/dongle with software?
I am currently using MyDMX 2.0 on a PC and have created close to 90 scenes that use 32 separate lighting appliances and I have created buttons for all of the scenes in "Easy Remote" and run sound and lights from 3 separate iPads (Behringer/Midas X32 sound board).
I want to create scenes with multiple events and timed changes so that I could "theoretically" start a scene at the beginning of a song and the scene would go through multiple transitions, dimmings and motorized movements for the entire song the same way every time.
I realized pretty quickly that this sort of thing is beyond the capabilities for easy implementation on MyDMX. I have run sound for 20 years but just in the last 4 months have gotten into the lights also. I am certainly NOT saying that "money is no object", but can ANYONE lend some advice for a product that could accomplish what I have described?
Oh, and for what it is worth, I have found the combination of MyDMX 2.0, Easy Remote and iPad to be EXTREMELY stable and reliable. Everything has never failed to come up and work and has never failed during a show.

Dan Haynes
Just to hop on the bandwagon, I have not yet even updated my software to the current release due to the fear of it being unstable like some of the previous relseases. All I can say is that it amazes me how ADJ can roll out 50 (I may be slightly exaggerating a little) new lights in 6 months but cant seem to get the software up to date! Ever since this product shipped, there wasn't much tech support for it. Heck, I got mine with already outdated software and wouldn't have known to come to this site for updates, but luckily found it. :0) Patiently waiting....
Hi SPL, while we cannot say much at all, but we are VERY close, closer than ever before to having it. We hope to release it in some capacity in the very near future. Also the 3D will be just one of the new exciting things to come for the program.
We hope to announce and display more on all that's new for My DMX 2.0 at LDI this Nov.

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