Its the 20th November and we are still waiting for the 3d.
how much longer are we going to have to wait.
Microsoft could have built a completely new operating system in the time you have taken to sort out the visualizer. it's almost embarrassing.
Originally posted by Jingles:
We hope to announce and display more on all that's new for My DMX 2.0 at LDI this Nov.

LDI is next week...... That's all I can say.

LDI ends Sunday 23rd November.
Let's give them until then and see what amazing news ADJ have about My DMX

Dave, that is the latest official release for My DMX 2.0 the 3D isn't in that one.

I hope to announce details on when you can get your harddrives on the software today.
Hi Dave, i do admit i like to tease a bit, BUT i don't tease if i think people will be disappointed with the final things I am teasing.

I submitted my write up of the news and am waiting for marketing approval to post. Smiler
Keep your eyes on the My DMX fan page on facebook.
Dose anyone know if there is an easy view 3D instructions or tutorial video's out there for the 3D visualiser on mydmx 2.0.
I have both mydmx 1.0 and 2.0 the visualiser is different on the 1.0.
Can anyone help.

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