Reply to "MyDMX2.0 Easy View 3D will Release Late 2013"

Originally posted by Austindj69:
Hi, I have to say, I am disappointed so have sold myDMX2 and gone over to Chauvet and it works brilliant.

I want to ask again, would you please say exactly what product you got. Is it the same approach as MyDMX, meaning a computer interface/dongle with software?
I am currently using MyDMX 2.0 on a PC and have created close to 90 scenes that use 32 separate lighting appliances and I have created buttons for all of the scenes in "Easy Remote" and run sound and lights from 3 separate iPads (Behringer/Midas X32 sound board).
I want to create scenes with multiple events and timed changes so that I could "theoretically" start a scene at the beginning of a song and the scene would go through multiple transitions, dimmings and motorized movements for the entire song the same way every time.
I realized pretty quickly that this sort of thing is beyond the capabilities for easy implementation on MyDMX. I have run sound for 20 years but just in the last 4 months have gotten into the lights also. I am certainly NOT saying that "money is no object", but can ANYONE lend some advice for a product that could accomplish what I have described?
Oh, and for what it is worth, I have found the combination of MyDMX 2.0, Easy Remote and iPad to be EXTREMELY stable and reliable. Everything has never failed to come up and work and has never failed during a show.

Dan Haynes