Hi where can I get a profile for my mini spot moving head 30 watts it the same as stage ape rabbit but my lights has 12 and 8 channels there is a profile on library but it has 11 and 7 channels, also my moving heads has one more gobo, I have manual but there is no info to get it on web so what can I do to make my moving head works whit my dmx 2.0? Here are the info for my moving head
Channel signal dmx 512 8/12 channels
Colors 7 plus white plus rainbows effect
Gobo wheel 7 gobos plus white plus rainbow effect
Strobe 0-10/s adjustable
Dimmer 0%~100% linear dimming
Pan 540
Titl 270

Here are dmx values

8 channel mode

1 pan 0~255 0~540
2 Tilt 0~255 0~270
3 dimming and strobo 0-3 off, 4-7 open, 8-215 strobe fast to slow, 216-255 open
4 dimming 0-255 from dark to light

5 color 0-4 white,5-9 yellow,10-14 pink, 15-19 green, 20-24 rose, 25-29 pale, 30-34 olivine, 35-39 orange, 40-44 blue, 45-56 white-yellow, 57-65 yellow-pink, 66-74 pink-green,75-83 green-rose, 84-92 rose-pale, 93-101 pale-olivine, 102-110 olivine-orange, 111-119 orange-blue,120-127 blue-white,128-191 forward rainbow from slow to fast, 192-255 reverse rainbow slow to fast

6 gobo wheel. 1-7 white, 8-15 gobo 1, 16-23 gobo2, 24-31 gobo 3, 32-39 gobo 4, 40-47 gobo 5, 48-55 gobo 6, 56-63 gobo 7 , 64-71 gobo 7 shake, 72-79 gobo 6 shake, 80-87 gobo 5 shake, 88-95 gobo 4 shake, 96-103 gobo 3 shake, 104-111 gobo 2 shake, 112-119 gobo 1 shake, 120-127 white, 128-191 forward rainbow slow to fast, 192-255 reverse rainbow slow to fast,

7 gobo auto run
8 auto focus

For now I'm just interested on 8 channel mode please help me some one I will appreciate to much thanks to every one to take time read this have a great day!
i can not create this profile for you. maybe it would be advisable to send this to adj support and ask them to create the profile for you, i am sorry i can not help
Missing a few things in order for this to be a complete request.
Do you need this for my dmx 1.0 or 2.0?
A link to the PDF manuals for these lights would be great also in case we do not have them made already.
I need a profile for a generic light fixture.
I'm using my DMX 1.0
I could night find a manual on any website, but I do have a PDF I can send to you.
Let me know how I can get this to you.
Are you on Mac or Windows?
for Mac go to applications>mydmx2>scanlibrary> place the file in the company folder. If one is not there, you can make one and add it.

For Windows go to C:\MyDMX2\ScanLibrary\Microh

That help?
Jingles, can you please send me the profile for the chauvet spot duo to my email? I use the 1.0 (my email: jlgideon100@gmail.com) thank you!
andre, do you have a manual in english for the LED bar? Or just try one of the fusion FX2 bar profiles in the ADJ folder?

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