For profile requests, please email me a link to the user manual of the fixture you are requesting along with which program you are requesting it for. (MyDmx or MyDmx2.0)

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Please Note: Unless otherwise already worked out ahead of time with me, profile requests during the weekend will be handled on Monday morning.
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Hi there,

This is my first post on the forum and i have come across a problem. Im using a Chauvet Intimidator spot LED 250 this Saturday night and im looking for a profile for this please on 13/14 channel (which ever it is) on mydmx. Im not sure if one has been generated yet but any help will be greatful

many thanks
JW Pardee seems to have been abducted by feral former circus bears. I doubt he will be getting back to you. I don't have any of recourse to suggest. I just thought that I'd warn you that you won't be getting a response.
Originally posted by hdavros:
i need the profile for:

- EMB Pro - EL715 - Multicolor DMX Laser Lighting Effect

- Mr Dj Laser Lights - Blue Animation LZ-BL300

- Chauvet LED Techno Strobe Color Dash Series

thank you

do you have the manuals for these lights? as i can make you the profiles
Originally posted by hdavros:
im trying to do my own profiles, im lost between software 1.0 and 2.0 , the 1.0 dont let me do anything with lasers, and im getting installed 2.0 and try to do the profiles

my e-mail is

i can sort these out for you.

which my dmx do you want the profiles made for?
Originally posted by nudgedanzo:
I tried installing the link someone posted earlier and it would not work in 1.0. could someone please make a profile for the chauvet geyser rgb? I
here is the link to the manual
much appreciated!

chauvet geyser RGB ssl:

chauvet geyser RGB ssl2:
Chauvet Colorstrip :

Chauvet Intimidator Spot Led 250:

and these ones too:

Mr Dj Laser Lights - Blue Animation LZ-BL300:

EMB Pro - EL715 - Multicolor DMX Laser Lighting Effect:

all 7 requests filled, please let me know if you have any issues with any of the profiles created
here are all the ssl files for my dmx 1:

Chauvet Hurricane 1800 smoke machine:

Chauvet Techno Strobe:

Chauvet Slim Par 56:

Chauvet Colorstrip:

Chauvet Intimidator Spot Led 250:

Mr Dj Laser Lights - Blue Animation LZ-BL300:

EMB Pro - EL715 - Multicolor DMX Laser Lighting Effect:
Originally posted by bakercbak:
Would it please be possible for some profiles?

Kam starcloth

Chauvet 6 Spot

Chauvet Cubix

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks


here we go. KAM Star Cloth ssl modes 1-3:

KAM Star Cloth ssl2:
Hi where can I get a profile for my mini spot moving head 30 watts it the same as stage ape rabbit but my lights has 12 and 8 channels there is a profile on library but it has 11 and 7 channels, also my moving heads has one more gobo, I have manual but there is no info to get it on web so what can I do to make my moving head works whit my dmx 2.0? Here are the info for my moving head
Channel signal dmx 512 8/12 channels
Colors 7 plus white plus rainbows effect
Gobo wheel 7 gobos plus white plus rainbow effect
Strobe 0-10/s adjustable
Dimmer 0%~100% linear dimming
Pan 540
Titl 270

Here are dmx values

8 channel mode

1 pan 0~255 0~540
2 Tilt 0~255 0~270
3 dimming and strobo 0-3 off, 4-7 open, 8-215 strobe fast to slow, 216-255 open
4 dimming 0-255 from dark to light

5 color 0-4 white,5-9 yellow,10-14 pink, 15-19 green, 20-24 rose, 25-29 pale, 30-34 olivine, 35-39 orange, 40-44 blue, 45-56 white-yellow, 57-65 yellow-pink, 66-74 pink-green,75-83 green-rose, 84-92 rose-pale, 93-101 pale-olivine, 102-110 olivine-orange, 111-119 orange-blue,120-127 blue-white,128-191 forward rainbow from slow to fast, 192-255 reverse rainbow slow to fast

6 gobo wheel. 1-7 white, 8-15 gobo 1, 16-23 gobo2, 24-31 gobo 3, 32-39 gobo 4, 40-47 gobo 5, 48-55 gobo 6, 56-63 gobo 7 , 64-71 gobo 7 shake, 72-79 gobo 6 shake, 80-87 gobo 5 shake, 88-95 gobo 4 shake, 96-103 gobo 3 shake, 104-111 gobo 2 shake, 112-119 gobo 1 shake, 120-127 white, 128-191 forward rainbow slow to fast, 192-255 reverse rainbow slow to fast,

7 gobo auto run
8 auto focus

For now I'm just interested on 8 channel mode please help me some one I will appreciate to much thanks to every one to take time read this have a great day!
Originally posted by badge79:
I tried to find the profile of led beam head in My DMX 2.0 ,but I couldn't make it. Please, help me get the profile. Thank you.

1.15ch led beam moving head

2.8ch led

can you repost the links please as they do not open
I had a request for a generic fixture but the info I gave for the DMX chart was erroneous. The web source I had was different from what I got in the box. In my haste, I missed the link in the forum about how to make your own profiles, and so now I have the Scanlibrary Editor program open.

Wish me luck! It's a six channel what looks like a par56 with 6R,6G,6B. We'll see how it goes! Sorry about the mixup.

Please disregard the email from lostmachine at hotmail dot com.
Hello, My name is Nick Schaefer I run a sound and lighting company and we're smaller and do install so we rent or have to add new fixtures alot. last time i requested this I got the wrong profile and i had to program it old school on the faders. Hopefully this manual helps.
Is it possible to get this by wednesday so I can arrange to test this profile out it would be greatly appreciated, thanks

Lighting profile:
Extreme Platinum 5r beam Spot

Nick Schaefer
S&S Sound Lighting & AV
Originally posted by Jingles:
Ok, well let me know once you have more info for me.

I was able to map out almost all of the channels but, this light is not responding on all channels every time

I managed once to get all buy CH 11 to do their thing but now all I can get it to do is X/Y movement, I can hear the focus motor moving, and macro movements only no light.... very strange....

Here's the DMX info I could get

Manufacture MS Lighting
Model: MHLED-30
13 Channel

CH1 Pan 0-255

CH2 Tilt 0-255

CH3 Pan Fine 0-255

CH4 Tilt Fine 0-255

CH5 X/Y Speed 0-255 Fast - Slow

CH6 Color 0-16 White, 17-31 Red, 32-47 Green, 48-63 Blue, 64-79 Yellow, 80-95 Pink, 96-111 Lime Green, 112-127 Light Blue, 128-191 Color Scroll Clockwise slow to fast, 192-255 Color Scroll Counter Clockwise slow to fast.

CH7 Gobo 0-18 Open, 19-37 Gobo 1, 38-56 Gobo 2, 57-75 Gobo 3, 76-94 Gobo 4, 95-113 Gobo 5, 114-127 Gobo 6, 128-191 Gobo Wheel Spin Clockwise slow to fast, 192-255 Gobo Wheel Spin Counter Clockwise slow to fast

CH8 Gobo Rotation 0-9 No Func, 10-116 Clockwise Slow to Fast, 117-244 Counter Clockwise Slow to Fast, 245-255 Gobo Bounce Slow to Fast

CH9 Strobe 0-8 Closed, 9-16 Open, 17-239 Strobe Fast to Slow, 240-255 Open

CH10 Dimmer 0-255 0-100%

CH11 Unknown

CH12 Macros

CH13 Focus 0-255 Near to Far

I think CH 11 might be Functions: 0-44 No Func, 45-64 Pan/Tilt Move in Black, 65-234 No Func, 235-244 Reset, 245-255 No Func

Overall the light seems very similar to the Blizzard Ice-30 with minor differences such as no prism and number of actual channels.
Hi there James, I have a couple of profile requests. I think one of them might already be done but it doesn't quite function right for my light (will run either macros in program mode or dmx just colors but not both?). It is the 320 Led bar linked here:

Also, I don't think you have profile developed for this light it's the Slim Bar-TC by Neo, manual linked here:

Thanks so much for your effort on this!!! Using MyDMX 2.0 Smiler
Hi, I believe I did get your email, but have been backed up a bit, I really should replying to the ones I see to acknowledge them. I apologize for that, I see your email from support and I will send you these from that email you sent to us, ok?

I also deleted your other post as it basically asked for the same profiles in two different threads, that is considered to be cross posting, and is against the rules. Sorry.
I'll find your email and will get you those profiles ASAP. Thanks!
Thanks James,

Sorry for being to insitant but I didn't receive any response from to support so I've tried on the forum. It's perfect if you send it to me by the email I've send you.

Thanks for your work and I will be happy to try the software soon as I get the profiles!
Showtec XS-1RGBW

Hello! I´m new to this forum and pretty much a newbie on DMX, so I´m thankful for any help . I need a profile for Showtec XS-1RGBW. I´m using MyDMX 2.0. I tried to make one myself, but can´t seem to make it work properly. Hopefully someone can sUpport me with a profile that works both in 9 and 16ch mode. Thank Smiler


I have a generic 8x3w spider light that is 15 channels. I have a .pff fixture profile for it, but need an .ssl2, and can't for the life of me figure out how to convert. The link to the product is above, PDF download of the manual is below... Can anyone help?


DamonOliver posted:


I have a generic 8x3w spider light that is 15 channels. I have a .pff fixture profile for it, but need an .ssl2, and can't for the life of me figure out how to convert. The link to the product is above, PDF download of the manual is below... Can anyone help?


Hi, you can't convert a PDF to a profile, but I've made this for you and you can download the profile here: 

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