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@Ajf1992 posted:


I tried sending the request form but haven’t heard anything back, would it be possible to create 3 profiles please?

Many Thanks


hi, just email me directly and I'll see what i can do. Be sure to attach the PDFs.

Hey @theproductspecialist (Frank) can you please help me with making profile for two lights ! I’ve already submitted the form twice but haven’t heard anything . I need them this Saturday so need them ASAP if possible ?

im using mydmx 3.0

Brand is V-Show

- 150w Spot


-198w Beam

attaching both pdf , please this is urgent if someone can help that would be awesome!


I tried emailing the one listed in the first post but it came back undeliverable.

Absolutely love my new 3.0 unit!!!!

I have a quick question regarding the profile for a fog machine I bought.

I tried the generic 1500 watt RGB fog machine profile and ONLY the Strobe effect would work.  I have attached the documentation that came with the machine.  Is there anyway you could create a simple profile so I can use it?

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Model: Tengchang Fog Machine for Halloween, 1500W DMX RGB 3 in1 24 LED Smoke Machine Stage Lighting Vertical Spray W/Remote


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@Jingles8302 posted:

If you attach the profile you tried, i can just edit it.

It's listed in myDMX 3.0 under _Varied as "1500w rgb stage light smoke fog machine"

Not sure how to export the profile from the software. I really really appreciate your help.

When I use the "color" fader it just strobes for my unit when using this profile.  My unit isn't listed in the software (not surprised its generic as Im just learning)

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@Jingles8302 posted:

Use this profile attached, delete the one you have patched already and use the import button in the patch screen to import it.

Thanks!  I just tried it and the lights work to a degree.  When I use the slider for the smoke nothing happens still.  The machine is on the right address and the RGB is responding.

I tried under edit and live and can't get the smoke to come out no matter what I do with the slider.  I appreciate you trying to help!  I plan on getting some ADJ lighting to support.

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