Hi all,

looking for profile for chauvet intimidator spot duo for mydmx 1...I uploaded one that didn't work only one head is moving...thanks for the help!
Hello, everyone in this thread who did not get an answer, please email me and attache the manuals. Thanks.

Jamesk at Americandj d0t C0m
Showtec XS-1RGBW

Hello! I´m new to this forum and pretty much a newbie on DMX, so I´m thankful for any help . I need a profile for Showtec XS-1RGBW. I´m using MyDMX 2.0. I tried to make one myself, but can´t seem to make it work properly. Hopefully someone can sUpport me with a profile that works both in 9 and 16ch mode. Thank Smiler
Hello there,

I'm new to this.

Is there anyone that could point me in the direction of a profile for the ADJ Focus Spot Two please?

Many Thanks

Hi all, This is my first post after just buying MYDMX3... looking for profile for chauvet intimidator spot 255 IRC and ADJ Inno scan and roll LED please for mydmx 3. Can anyone help please? ALso Chauvet wash FX if you have would be great thanks

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I have a generic 8x3w spider light that is 15 channels. I have a .pff fixture profile for it, but need an .ssl2, and can't for the life of me figure out how to convert. The link to the product is above, PDF download of the manual is below... Can anyone help?




Hi, you can't convert a PDF to a profile, but I've made this for you and you can download the profile here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xmrr...i%20spider.ssl2?dl=0 

Turns out the spider light I ordered and the one they sent are controlled differently. Attaching a pic from the "manual." I hate to ask, but can you help me one more time? Thanks!


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I just got 2 Chauvet Mini Kinta’s.  I tried making a profile, for my Airstream Bridge, but it isn’t giving me everything I need.  Could you send me a link for one?  Thank you in advance. 

Dj Ricky 

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Looking for profile for ADJ Hydro Beam 1 for use with the WiFLY NE1. Any help out there? Web searches useless so far.

Anyone have a profile for ADJ Hydro Beam X1? I tried to build one on a software page for creating profiles, but cannot get it to work  with my WiFLY NE1 (not battery).

Help! I gotta sort this out for Halloween use starting 1st week OCT.

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