For profile requests, please email me a link to the user manual of the fixture you are requesting along with which program you are requesting it for. (MyDmx or MyDmx2.0)

Email Requests to:

Please Note: Unless otherwise already worked out ahead of time with me, profile requests during the weekend will be handled on Monday morning.
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you can also download updated scan library off of the Mydmx page of
Hi there,

This is my first post on the forum and i have come across a problem. Im using a Chauvet Intimidator spot LED 250 this Saturday night and im looking for a profile for this please on 13/14 channel (which ever it is) on mydmx. Im not sure if one has been generated yet but any help will be greatful

many thanks

I sent an email for a profile of a generic LED wash bar to be created.

Never done this before so i'm asking how this works.

Please let me know HOW I will know when the profiles are done.

Thank you.
Hi i am using the mydmx 1 i would like to have the Clay Packy Sharpy profile you have it in the mydmx 2.0 but it wont work in the 1.0
thank you
JW Pardee seems to have been abducted by feral former circus bears. I doubt he will be getting back to you. I don't have any of recourse to suggest. I just thought that I'd warn you that you won't be getting a response.
im trying to do my own profiles, im lost between software 1.0 and 2.0 , the 1.0 dont let me do anything with lasers, and im getting installed 2.0 and try to do the profiles

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