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Hi there James, I have a couple of profile requests. I think one of them might already be done but it doesn't quite function right for my light (will run either macros in program mode or dmx just colors but not both?). It is the 320 Led bar linked here:

Also, I don't think you have profile developed for this light it's the Slim Bar-TC by Neo, manual linked here:

Thanks so much for your effort on this!!! Using MyDMX 2.0 Smiler
Hi, I believe I did get your email, but have been backed up a bit, I really should replying to the ones I see to acknowledge them. I apologize for that, I see your email from support and I will send you these from that email you sent to us, ok?

I also deleted your other post as it basically asked for the same profiles in two different threads, that is considered to be cross posting, and is against the rules. Sorry.
I'll find your email and will get you those profiles ASAP. Thanks!

I can't find (here or google) a profile for the ADJ Quad Phase HP for MyDMX2.0. I currently use the Quad Phase profile but the 0-100% dimmer doesn't work.

I would really appreciate any advice Smiler

BR/ Micke, Sweden

Thank you very much! Great support!!
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