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I don't know why it's so hard for people to download and read a manual

ShowDesigner Manual

But, as far as firmware, I looked at the binary, and wow, not human readable. Of course, you can still use Terminal, but if you lack a serial port on your PC, you're going to need a USB to serial adaptor cable and then a null model cable or adaptor to make the rest work.

Of course, I also don't see the Show Designer software available via the ADJ web site but I'm also not going to make a major effort right now either.

The unit has been discontinued. I'm sure someone has to have the software laying around.
I have downloaded and read the manual.
The manual says win95 and a com port.
I was not sure if the firmware would play well with a USB port and XP, or what newer firmware is out there it what advantages it may provide.

We are a 32 lane bowling center, and I've just started here and getting things back together.
At this time, I only have 4 Martin Mix4's, 2 Acrobats, 6 Raptors, some ColorGems, Rainbow250s, Agressor, and a bunch of other non-working fixtures. I was able to get one of my Chauvet smart lights working with parts from another.

I'm not new to DXM512 protocol or programing fixtures, I've been a mobile and club DJ for 25 years, but I've never used a ADJshowdesigner before, and was hoping someone who has could help me a little.

As soon as the boss gives up a little budget for Rock-N-Bowl, I plan to switch over to MyDMX and program the shows by PC. It looks way easier.

Well, I am using some software designed for Windows 95 on my XP workstation. But, they are more office-type apps, not professional entertainment apps.

The biggest issue you really face is the Com port, which can be most likely be addressed via a USB adaptor.

I have to get a USB adaptor for this purpose myself, but my application is so I can have support for my analog audio console firmware. I also am planning a purchase of a digital console within 6 months.

My advise: Since you claim to have some experience with lighting, I say just tell them to spend the money or waste time with lights not working as well as they should. The place is sounding a bit run down. Owners often don't understand this stuff other than "It works or it doesn't work". I have nothing against non-DMX FX and dimmer and switching packs, but I think you need to do what you've been doing and that is to give that place an overhaul.
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Thanks Chris,
That's the direction I'm heading.
You are correct, the place did get very run down. To the point where only 6 of the 32 pinsetters where running! The owners have dumped a bunch getting the right people in and the equipment running again.
The issue I'm having is budget. We are spending about $1200/mo on pinsetter parts, and most of my time is spent getting them back to good.
So I can do whatever I want with the rock-n-bowl package... but spend money on it. (yet)
So I have to work on them when I can.
That's why I was wondering if any firmware was needed for the show designer and what it improves. I yet to even plug it in, but was told it works. No one can tell me why it was removed from the console.

Getting the MIX4s linked up corectly (all slaves and no master) improved the look %100.

Thanks Again,
Good topic, I'm actually having an issue with this currently myself.
Here's my deal:
I've been using the Show Designer for several years. One of my primary fixtures is the Pocket Scan which I used for years. To make a long story short I wanted to erase all the scenes at once so I wouldn't have to do it individually so I reset the system. Mission accomplished but for some reason it also erased the pocket scan from the pre programmed library. This is strange because it is listed in the manual as a preset.
I assumed that it had been added on at some point as an update.
So after some searching on the internet I was able to find the update, which is a word file of all things, but anyway like pincup said the manual says you have to use win95.
My question is, can I do this in another platform? Is "hyperterminal" absolutely necessary? Because the problem is, it only came in win95.
Companies will recommend HyperTerminal because it came with 3.1, 95/98/ME/NT 3.51 and 4.0, and even I think they left it in Win 2K Pro, and lo and behold, Win XP.

The main thing is that if you set your terminal program up properly, it won't make a bit of difference what you're using. Make sure your settings match what the hardware needs and you're fine.

So, clearly, Hyperterminal is NOT a WIn95 exclusive. It's also NOT necessary if you have a better solution, which you may have.

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