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Reply to "Show Designer"

I have downloaded and read the manual.
The manual says win95 and a com port.
I was not sure if the firmware would play well with a USB port and XP, or what newer firmware is out there it what advantages it may provide.

We are a 32 lane bowling center, and I've just started here and getting things back together.
At this time, I only have 4 Martin Mix4's, 2 Acrobats, 6 Raptors, some ColorGems, Rainbow250s, Agressor, and a bunch of other non-working fixtures. I was able to get one of my Chauvet smart lights working with parts from another.

I'm not new to DXM512 protocol or programing fixtures, I've been a mobile and club DJ for 25 years, but I've never used a ADJshowdesigner before, and was hoping someone who has could help me a little.

As soon as the boss gives up a little budget for Rock-N-Bowl, I plan to switch over to MyDMX and program the shows by PC. It looks way easier.