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Reply to "Show Designer"

Thanks Chris,
That's the direction I'm heading.
You are correct, the place did get very run down. To the point where only 6 of the 32 pinsetters where running! The owners have dumped a bunch getting the right people in and the equipment running again.
The issue I'm having is budget. We are spending about $1200/mo on pinsetter parts, and most of my time is spent getting them back to good.
So I can do whatever I want with the rock-n-bowl package... but spend money on it. (yet)
So I have to work on them when I can.
That's why I was wondering if any firmware was needed for the show designer and what it improves. I yet to even plug it in, but was told it works. No one can tell me why it was removed from the console.

Getting the MIX4s linked up corectly (all slaves and no master) improved the look %100.

Thanks Again,