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whats with the customer service here?? I cant get answers from american dj distributors OR american dj about items i ordered over a month ago that still have not been delivered NOR can i get an answer on when it will be delivered... I CALL EMAIL NO RETURNS.. LAst return i get is the product will be delivered the folowing day that was march 17th.. I am a very big american dj supporter and buyer but im loosing my patience..
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If you want an answer from an ADJ distributor:
CALL THE DISTRIBUTOR UP. You gave THEM your money, so you need to contact them directly.

If you ordered parts directly from ADJ:

Each time I call customer service, I pretty much get right on through. I think one time I had to sit on hold for 2 minutes. Ooooh, for shame. 2 whole minutes!! Oh my goodness!

Just kidding about the sarcasm. I remember sitting on hold with 3Com for tech support for a sufficient amount of time to hear the 2 CD James Taylor Live in its entirety and repeat(uh, like, over 2 hours) only to then find out that the person on the other end of the line can't help me. Duh, I'm calling tech support because I'm stumped, which means I need to go to the developers directly, as my contract STATES!! Fortunately, that changed a LONG time ago.

Customer service doesn't appear to scour these forums like people like me, an ADJ customer, does. Why is that? Why, it's probably because they are on the phone helping people. I know that I hate to do something else while I'm helping someone over the phone. I focus all my attention on the client and issue at hand.

My examples with ADJ support and customer service:

Called to get a stinky new fog machine serviced/replaced. They issued an RMA, 2 months later, a new one arrived at my door. It's still unopened because I had to buy a new one to get me by, but I was going to buy one anyways.

Ordered parts: no problem. Showed up 2 days later.

Another order of parts: I had some confusion about something, called them up, they clarified. Issue resolved.

Needed to talk to someone about a fixture. Saved me from buying the wrong thing. Ended up getting the Projector 150. Very pleased, exactly what I wanted despite being discontinued.
i did contact the distributor.. They have been playing the we will get back to you game... and emails are no longer returned nor are phone calls.... I went right to american dj to report. And seem to be getting the same situation.. I dont know what the hell is going on.. All i know is i bought aa laser back in feb paid for it and its no where to be found and im really starting to loose my patience with everyone...
I hear that. I had problems getting my Audio Technica M3's. But they finally came in. Then the accessories took a while to come in but I had to start without the mounting plates and wait for those to come in too...

In my case, AT was causing the problems, not the distributors. New product, not expecting the high demand, so AT was unprepared.

I'd suggest you do the following:
Find a distributor who has what you want IN STOCK. As in, they have to convince you over the phone that they have it in their hands RIGHT NOW and it's ready to ship. Order it, cancel your other orders ASAP.

If it is ADJ who is causing the slowdowns, talk to pre-sales. Nice folks, they'll help you out.

As someone who works in the entertainment business, I often get the situation where I get the job last minute and then have to get something else last minute and sometimes I am playing the "hurry up and get here" game ordering thigns. Fortunately, I don't really run into that any more.

You're being pro-active. That's good.
i have been very patient.. But you can only be patient for so long.. BUT ya get a lil anoyed about something like this expecially when your a frequent buyer of merchandise from American DJ.. I got confirmation that the item was in stock so i dont see where the problem is. If it was out of stock and waiting to be made i could accept that but thats not the case.. VERY AGGRIVATING
Then cancel the order. I find nothing gets things moving quicker than cancelling the order.

I cancelled my last order from Musician's Friend. Suddenly, an out of stock item is in stock and "in the air". Well, I think I was told "out of stock" so I was confident in my decision to "cancel the order" since they claimed it wouldn't get to me on time. It arrived on time, but they are no longer wanted or needed. They won't take my calls to return the units either.. I clearly do NOT want the units from them and I'm rather annoyed.
If you're contacting ADJ about an order you placed, then you're contacting the WRONG company.

In case you don't know how it works(and it's obvious you don't), let me clue you all in a bit. Sit down, check your attitude and get some reality crammed down your brain.

1: ADJ isn't the direct seller. Get used to that. While they COULD sell direct to end users, for the most part, they don't.

2: Whoever you bought from is either a Tier 1(buys from ADJ directly) or a Tier 2(buys from a Tier 1) reseller. That's how it works. It's all about channels.

This should NOT be confused with Cisco, who says "we respect the channel" but then screws you when you turn in an order and steals it from you. That's how I lost tons of money by Cisco stealing sales of Cisco from me.

3: If you've got a problem with your order, you did order by credit card, right? You can leverage the consumer protection on your card by filing a complaint/grievance with the credit card company against he vendor. You can also contact the vendor directly.

4: You need to contact the vendor you purchased from. THEY are the ones responsible for placing your order. They should have this information relatively handy.

5: While ADJ may be drop shipping this directly from their location to yours, you are NOT their direct buying customer. This doesn't mean you're not an ADJ customer, it just means that's how the circle of retail works.

Call your vendor. It's THEIR issue that is causing YOUR problems. If you're not happy, then you need to CANCEL YOUR ORDER with that vendor. Nothing makes them react faster than losing money.

Or, you could go Chauvet. That's always an option. But, I'll let you in on a secret: their customer service, in all my experiences, has been extremely poor. So, if you're looking for a major step down, then keep on walking in that direction. I speak from experience.
Then call back.

Or speak to a supervisor.

Let me say this: This is the period of time where people are ramping up for major summer tours, so this is a hectic time of year for most companies.

I'm fortunate, I don't need much this time around. optional mics, replacing commodity items like gaff and console tape, get other readily available items like microphone stands. Nothing major like $30K worth of custom wiring and cables.
Email me the order number. I bet I can get an answer for you, and I'm just gonna call in as a regular dude from nothing.

They have the heads up. I'll call them on my dime Monday.

Hit my web site, fill out the "contact us" form. It only goes to me anyways. Put in the order and what was ordered. DON'T give me crap like credit card information, I dont't want that.

I am sorry that you are receiving a run around service, what is your name so that I can look your information up personally? Also, was this order placed online or by phone, if by phone, please provide the phone number that was given during the purchase. If you would like you can call me with that information, thanks.
Something strikes me as a load of male bovine excrement in regards to that guy.

Sorry to sound negative, but I just see someone looking to cause trouble at someone else's expense. My issues with service and support have been nothing short of what I would expect them to be, and I have EXTREMELY high expectations.

I even offered to handle this for him, and when I called his bluff, then he responds.

This is NOT a forum issue, this is a telephone issue in order to ensure client privacy concerns.

I had a complaint when I orderd something, but I called into parts and they explained it to me. Site was a bit misleading. But that was over a year ago, and I got right through to parts on the first call with NO hold time and my issue was thoroughly explained and resolved to MY satisfaction. Again, my standards are VERY high and ADJ met them.

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