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Reply to "Customer Service"

If you're contacting ADJ about an order you placed, then you're contacting the WRONG company.

In case you don't know how it works(and it's obvious you don't), let me clue you all in a bit. Sit down, check your attitude and get some reality crammed down your brain.

1: ADJ isn't the direct seller. Get used to that. While they COULD sell direct to end users, for the most part, they don't.

2: Whoever you bought from is either a Tier 1(buys from ADJ directly) or a Tier 2(buys from a Tier 1) reseller. That's how it works. It's all about channels.

This should NOT be confused with Cisco, who says "we respect the channel" but then screws you when you turn in an order and steals it from you. That's how I lost tons of money by Cisco stealing sales of Cisco from me.

3: If you've got a problem with your order, you did order by credit card, right? You can leverage the consumer protection on your card by filing a complaint/grievance with the credit card company against he vendor. You can also contact the vendor directly.

4: You need to contact the vendor you purchased from. THEY are the ones responsible for placing your order. They should have this information relatively handy.

5: While ADJ may be drop shipping this directly from their location to yours, you are NOT their direct buying customer. This doesn't mean you're not an ADJ customer, it just means that's how the circle of retail works.

Call your vendor. It's THEIR issue that is causing YOUR problems. If you're not happy, then you need to CANCEL YOUR ORDER with that vendor. Nothing makes them react faster than losing money.

Or, you could go Chauvet. That's always an option. But, I'll let you in on a secret: their customer service, in all my experiences, has been extremely poor. So, if you're looking for a major step down, then keep on walking in that direction. I speak from experience.