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Reply to "Customer Service"

If you want an answer from an ADJ distributor:
CALL THE DISTRIBUTOR UP. You gave THEM your money, so you need to contact them directly.

If you ordered parts directly from ADJ:

Each time I call customer service, I pretty much get right on through. I think one time I had to sit on hold for 2 minutes. Ooooh, for shame. 2 whole minutes!! Oh my goodness!

Just kidding about the sarcasm. I remember sitting on hold with 3Com for tech support for a sufficient amount of time to hear the 2 CD James Taylor Live in its entirety and repeat(uh, like, over 2 hours) only to then find out that the person on the other end of the line can't help me. Duh, I'm calling tech support because I'm stumped, which means I need to go to the developers directly, as my contract STATES!! Fortunately, that changed a LONG time ago.

Customer service doesn't appear to scour these forums like people like me, an ADJ customer, does. Why is that? Why, it's probably because they are on the phone helping people. I know that I hate to do something else while I'm helping someone over the phone. I focus all my attention on the client and issue at hand.

My examples with ADJ support and customer service:

Called to get a stinky new fog machine serviced/replaced. They issued an RMA, 2 months later, a new one arrived at my door. It's still unopened because I had to buy a new one to get me by, but I was going to buy one anyways.

Ordered parts: no problem. Showed up 2 days later.

Another order of parts: I had some confusion about something, called them up, they clarified. Issue resolved.

Needed to talk to someone about a fixture. Saved me from buying the wrong thing. Ended up getting the Projector 150. Very pleased, exactly what I wanted despite being discontinued.