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Hey, just wanted you all to know I got some responses (from AA Tech. support) to my emails and I think they went out of there way to provide personalized service.
I am impressed!
If they can keep this up they will gain respect in the DJ community quickly, of course the output fix is still a key issue.
Hi guys,
was just checking back to see how vms4 users were getting along & if i was the only one to have all those problems before i returned mine. Sadly i wasnt, wow how can a big company release such a flagship product without it even working to a basic level? No mic channels.. audio not routed through the correct channels.. Im so glad i got a refund.
Originally posted by Daniel:
No mic channels..

ADJ has adressed the mic issue. impedance matchers are sent to those with issues.

audio not routed through the correct channels..

just because you dont know how to change the audio routing doesnt mean it isnt there!!!

whatever you bought instead it wasnt obviously thrilling enough to keep your hands on it...

I don't understand your email. Using VDJ LE, the included software, the mics are routed fine. Did you turn them on, buttons next to EQ. The issue was that some types of mic, mainly wireless, were distorting. That has been taken care of. The mics always passed signal and were routed correctly.

Again, I don't understand your email. If you tested it with the included software, it routed the signal correctly. If you used other software, our tech team could help you with routing etc.
Hi, im from costa rica, so ... im almost shure there is no way you could send me the transformer, but what i like to know is ... if its posible to make one by myself ? it is a wire conection fix, or do i have to buy an especific adaptor ? as far as i understand is tecnically a Low Z or high Z stuff right ? which one is the one that works fine with the VMS4 ?


A DI box will work ? i think i have one at the studio ..

I filled out the request (on the VMS4-site) for the solution of the microphone issue. The request was send around 2 weeks before X-mass. I read that an adapter will be send by post (Belgium). I didn't receive anything yet.

Could anybody give my a hunch when I can expect the goods.

Thank you sincerly for any response.

PS/ I really enjoy playing withe VMS4. I 've put my 'professionel' DJ-equipment (RODEC MX 180 + 2x Denon DN-S1200) aside.
I have filled the form out about 3 times because when I fill out the form, I get the following message:

Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 503 This mail server requires authentication when attempting to send to a non-local e-mail address. Please check your mail client settings or contact your administrator to verify that the domain or address is defined for this server. in D:\Host\\www\support_en.php on line 197
this is reply by AA Europe:
Thank you for your request.
We really feel sorry about the discomfort and the long period to get the Mic Impedance Matchers available.
They are available now and we will send them to you immediately.
We expect that they will arrive at you in the next 4 working days.

Enjoy your VMS4!
yeah !!! Smiler
I've been asking my retailer to deal with this. He has been reporting communication issues with AA, which is not encouraging. I've no reason to doubt him, as I have good honest relationship with him.

From my end, I'll have to return the unit as "not fit for purpose" if these impedance converters are not delivered soon. I've kept the packaging, and the gear has been used twice (NYE and NYDay) - I've now reverted to my NuMark DDS system (which is cased with mixer), however the VMS4 was purchased as a complete solution, requiring only a PC and PA system - not a 2nd mixer to allow me to talk on the mic.

I'd also like to know when a "proper" fix is due?
Surely we can't be expected to use these adapters as a long term fix. I can't see where I can buy these in the UK, and the Shure adapters are fairly expensive.

I've got a selection of mixers from el-cheapo £40 battle mixer, through to a decent Pioneer, and all have a perfectly good working mic input.

AA do need to quickly make good, and provide a plan to address this problem correctly. Is the true fix a simple resistor change inside the unit?
Currently in the UK DJ forums, this problem is known and is certainly hindering sales and the reputation of the product.

At the moment, I wish I'd invested a bit more and gone an alternate route. However, my previous good experiences with ADJ LED Pars led me to think this would be a good product and well supported.

If/when I get the impedance converts (x2), its still only a partial "fix". Frowner
Yes, this solution is only to correct a bug, but I came and I did not pay anything. The request must be made on the website of AA, inputting data into the form.
However, my opinion about this converter impedance is:
1) the distortion is gone
2) the volume is much lower and should be compensated by the gain
3) the solution is only a partial remedy, but may be sufficient.

Hi DJTony,
I am concerned that any supplied adapters could get lost.

I've since found some impedance adapters online - would these be ok?

(or important bits)
Outputs: 50000 Ohm 6.35 mm jack plug
Inputs: 500/50000 Ohm switchable XLR

Price is £8.75 (GBP), so much cheaper than the Shure device I found a few weeks ago.

For reference, the part number is Soundlab G132C


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