i bought mine new off ebay before they were available in australia

how do i go about getting 2 of these mic adapters ?
Hi All,
last december i fill out the form and today i got a invoice from ADJ about the Impedance matcher called AC-A-XF/J3. it saying total value is 1 euro. what's this all about? do i have to pay a 1 euro for get the mic adapter? thanks in advance

When you filed your request through the vms4dj.com website, it will automatically be processed within 24Hours.

To track if your request has been received and processed send your vms4 serial number to service@adjgroup.eu, also mention your forum user name.
got email on 1/28/2011 that the microphone fix was in the way,to this date i have not got the microphone fix.how much longer do i have to wait?
have you been in contact after that email with support saying that the mic fix wasnt delivered?
if so, pls send me that email to FRESHFLUKE at FRESHFLUKE dot DE
Filled out the form well over a month ago and have received no response. I filled it out and submitted it again today. Also going to send an email. I will update you as soon as possible.
YES....pulled up to my house an hour ago and there on my porch was a box from FedEx.....two impedance transformers.....work like a charm. Thanks American Audio
I received the adapters but there are still problems with audio because when it is high the volume of the music, the voice of the mic it's not clear and the people not ear it very well.
I'm thinking to send my consolle to AA in change of nothing because i no need of unusefull hardware.
So I sent away for the MIC channel fixes for my VMS4 and they sent me two Microphone Impedance Matching Transformers part number ACCU-IMP. How am I supposed to use these? I don't see where they even fit on the VMS4. Did I even get sent the correct parts????

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