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Getting ready to buy a new set of speakers, my old Carvin's are about wore out. Does anyone have any opinions about what to get? Below are my first couple of choices, any ideas? I have to have something that can do the job in High School Gyms, but light enough to haul around with a bad back....

Choice number 1: The Bose 802 Gold system. Anyone use this thing? I can't hardly imagine that two speakers and two woofers can rock a LARGE venue like they claim...

Choice number 2: 4 of the *** EON 1500's, with 2 of the Yamaha SW118 woofers.

Choice number 3: 4 of the Sampson DB 500's with the 2 Yamaha SW118 woofers.

Any input on anyone using any of these products and their opinions would be greatly appreciated....
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Apx Power Pro, with either an ACT18 self powered sub, or a sw1501 which is very heavy. . . .
Crest released a new sub which powers two non powered satellites, it sounds great with the lq10's in my opinion. . . . on top of that also is the B52 Matrix 1000 system, self powered sub with 2 10" satellites. . . great sounding system.
The only issue I have heard with the 450's are the hi's, they just scream. As I have worked with them closely using them as monitors, and using them for live sound, I prefer the crest lq12 over the srm, it's got better power handling and a wider dispersion. Another option if you are sitting in a gold mine, are the Mach M-Flex series, they are compact, and sound incredible, also the fbt series, but again, If you are on a budget and want a flexible speaker, the APX power pro, matched with a nice sub will do the trick.
Clip is right about the 450's. Their high-mid will put a hole in your head. They are great speakers though. Just throw an eq on them and cut about 6db @ 6K. Also, they have a problems with heating up too much and then shutting themselves down. If you are running a sub with them (witch is a great thing) and have them hi-passed then don't worry about the heat thing. But if you are running them full-range and high volumes then get a fan on the back of each one.
-Chris Parsons
Actually for the most part, most of the "Pro's" I know including myself use E V, EAW, or high end Wharfedale. I myself am partial to the E V, although I must admit I was completely blown away the first time I have ever heard the APX Power Pro's. Dollar for Dollar I don't think you can get a better value in speakers.
Most know that I'm a die-hard audiophile with a very highend home audio system. Most also know that even the most high end professional PA systems fall quite short of a good high end home system. Comprimises must be made when trying to cover a much larger area for crowds to enjoy as opposed to one or twp people seated in the "sweet spot". That said, I've auditoned and tested a great deal of PA systems looking and listening for excellent sound. There are quite a few out there, and unfortunately they are extremely expensive.

There's another thing we speak of in high end audio. It's called diminishing returns. Simply, the money you spend on obtaining the slightest little gain will be quite significant and subsequently the return on your investment is quite minimal...or, diminishing returns. Again, compromise is needed here. Do you consider real value important? Are you really into "bang for your buck"? Or must you have the absolute best regardless of cost?

The latter is usually only for the very elite or those with more money than sense. Yes, while I have an elaborate home system, I put it together over many years of finding good deals on used equipment as I simply couldn't afford new. Unfortunately, when it comes to high end home audio there is no real inexpensive speakers or bang for the buck. That isn't the case in pro audio.

Case in point, the American Audio APX Power Pro's! Are they the equal of Meyer? Definitely not...but they ain't $2500 EACH either! Will they sound very good while able to satisfy a large group of people with good clean quality sound? Absolutely! And they do this for a price that is simply one of the best audio bargains on the planet! Add a sub as mentioned in an above post on down the road and you'll have a simply outstanding system and value that leaves you more money to buy the other things you need or desire.

Bottom line, you can spend a whole lot more money on powered speakers but the law of diminishing returns applies very quickly here...most will easily be very satisfied long term with these speakers.

A good eq can indeed hide many flaws...but it's also fixing things too, it all depends upon how you look at it. If the 6kHz signal needs a -4db attenuation because of a hot response at that frequency, it is indeed fixing the response...or hiding the peak. It certainly doesn't fix the speakers natural response, but it does fix the overall sound. Imagine the world without equalization! It's used in virtually every aspect of virtually every thing recorded or played back.

Lets say you have a nasty turntable rumble well below your subwoofers capabilities around 20Hz. This signal while likely inaudible (unless using very expensive subwoofers with superb extension) is potentially very damaging to the or not. A nice shelving of the 20Hz filter and presto...problem fixed!

This can be interpreted in different the glass half full or half empty? Both are good points and both are quite valid, though personally I believe the "fix" term carries more universal validity.

It's all good really...and tends to make you think a little now doesn't it?!

Thanks for all the feedback! It looks like everyone loves the APX Power Pro, which is cool with me, they're only $199 each! Ok, how does this sound for my new system:

4 of the APX Power Pro's on Stands
2 Yamaha Subs (SW 118)
And I just bought two ***** CE1000's.

I would use both amps in bridge, one running the two subs, and one running the Power Pro's. Would that system do a good job even in a large High School Gym?

JRS7 I don't mean to point out the painfully obvious but the APX Power Pros already have built in amps in each so an external amp is not required, unless you are referring to the APX-152s which are the passive version and do need the external amp.

Either way 4 APXs running together creates a nice and loud clear sound. Adding the subs only enhances it....good choice. I have a similar setup (4 APX152s) and dual 18" subs and I just love the sound.

ROQ out.
JRS7 - I found the APX Power Pro for $379 each...where do you see them for $199?

Also, for anybody who can help, I hope to start DJing at medium sized parties such as sweet 16s and graduation parties. I plan on playing the music off my laptop. If I get the APX Power Pro speakers which seem to be a good choice, what else do I need (EQ, Mixer, etc.)? And which of these do you recommend?

I appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks.
Hi Guys,

New to this, but love the stuff in here. Soaking it up like a sponge.

Bob from Illinois? Your right about the not being able to get the home "quality sound" from a pro PA system, but you should try the "sweet spot" from a real good sounding pro system. Talk about "Schwing"!! Your home system isn't going to be able to shake out your toenails like that and make the hair stand up on the back of your neck as if you were standing front row center of the Boston Philharmonic, or any other live performance. I really don't think you'll be able to detect my 0.01% THD over your 0.005%..........honestly..... Dolby surround is cool, but I've honestly never heard or experienced a band that "surrounded me". You do have good points though about diminishing value. Extremely excellent points, and I hope anyone with any sense shops just that way. I know I have to.

Y O R KVILLE RULES!! Hey fellow Canadian! We've got a best kept secret it seems. Y o r kville make gorgeous speakers. They are made by the company that made Tray nor at one time, and they've evolved. They are quite expensive, but they offer a 2 year no haggle warranty. Didn't like the gouge you put in your cabinet? Throw it off the back of your truck at 50 miles an hour. They'll replace it no questions asked. That simple. There are many reviews on line by leading Sound Technicians for Orchestras and top sound stage technicians that just rave about Y o r kville's high end stuff. It's better value then E V, and offer more anti-clipping/anti-failure features for less too. I've tried out those APX's, and although they sound sweet at lower volumes, they can't drive out enough volume for Cement blocked banquet halls with 250-300 people in them.

I use a very rare 600 Watt F o stex studio amp, a pair of middle of the road full range SP2's, and run a couple Y o r kville powered subs (PS700s), and every time I hear it, I almost get erect. The F o stex seems to reproduce a gorgeous warm sound, and even if the highs and mids are cranked, they don't scream at you. I only wish I could find another one.

As for having a band surrounding you with actuality, that's exactly what is happening as much of what you hear is reflected sound. While I don't agree with Dr. Amar Bose applications with his speakers, his findings themselves cannot be argued when listening to a live performance.

That said, when listening at home, and if listening to a well recorded piece that hasn't been overcooked like 99% of recorded material in surround, the results are simply breathtaking and totally realistic...far superior to any typical 2 channel playback regardless of speaker type.

As for making the hair stand up...this alone can do this while bringing on a serious case of goosebumps! It's too bad most recording engineers want to overbake the additional channels for the cheesy effects rather than the ambient clues of good natural reflected sound.

As for dynamics, I can easily reproduce any level that might be attained in a live setting in my reference home system...but then again, with 8 15" subs, 6 12", 12 7" kevlars, 7 1.25" soft domes & 3 4" ribbons with over 11,000 watts to properly power them, dynamics certainly isn't an issue Big Grin

I have indeed heard some magnificent sound pro an astronomical cost I might add, yet none have come remotely close to attaining the sonic superiority of a good home system.

The real factor here is the playback material must have a good source to be sure.

Bob Dietrich Gear & Equipment Moderator/Review Staff
some one said that their home theater system has much better sound than any PA system...while that is true, there are ways to enhance your music and produce amazing sound quality. its something called a sonic maximizer from BBE labs. it is a sound enhancer that decreases the delay between highs and lows in recorded music. it makes your music sound live. also another thing, your home theater system is probably surround sound and you might be lisining to dvd sound, which naturally has better sound. personnally i feel that a sonic maximizer is a very useful tool for a mobile or club dj


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