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I have recently purchased mydmxbuddy and downloaded and installed mydmx2.1 from the adj website. I also have 2 adj Cob Cannon Washes.

Being already familiar with the mydmx software I set up a few simple patches to test all was working. Unfortunately it isn't. The lights do not respond.

I have checked over and over the Cob Cannons are set up correctly as in the manual and the software on screen shows scenes as intended.

Help please!!

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Picking up again on my problems I will try to address particular issues step by step. Using mydmx buddy and mydmx 2.1. My tablet, Windows 10, says "New firmware available. Please update your interface (Hardware Manager).

Device Manager tells me SUSHI 1A interface working properly and the best driver is already installed.  Really odd?

If I proceed anyway with the programme I get Modeemo and No License so still unuseable!!

But did you actually update the firmware in hardware manager, that is what it was telling you to do, not the driver. Hardware manager is a program that comes in the MyDMx 2.1 folder so you can check hardware firmware etc.
Go too C:\MyDMX2.1\HardwareManager make sure myDMX 2.1 is not running or even open, and launch hardware manager, follow the prompts for firmware.

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