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Reply to "Not working!!"


i have the same problem with myDMX buddy.

I'm using this interface with my PC computer at home, and everything is OK. When i connect this interface to my DELL laptop, MyDMX 2.1  recognized interface but tell me that i don't have a license.

Hardware Manager working fine, detecting interface, showing licenses, updating latest firmware. SUT driver and also detecing myDMX and working fine on PC and Laptop,

but MyDMX on my Laptop says that i don't have license.

I was using it on my laptop ocasionally for many years and it was OK but some months ago suddenly not.

Today i make fresh installation of windows 10 64bit and all updates. stil the same problem on laptop. On my PC i have the same windows 10 x64 and no problems. Few weeks ago i change mainboard, cpu (i7), ram etc in my PC and after that fresh install of windows and no problems with myDMX buddy (ealier i had AMD Athlon with windows 7 and also no problems.

Please help, i need to run MyDMX buddy on my laptop and make some lightshows at weekend.