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Hello everyone,
we have released an update for the Easy Remote App (search Easy Remote by Lightingsoft AG) we would like some outside input on the APP.... Please download this and test it out Give me some feedback so i can get the app built in and around what you all like... Im looking for bugs and any other issues you see....

Install the App, have your computer connected to a Wifi router. Log your smart device into the wifi network and it will link up to MyDmx2. Build a custom layout and patch just like you do midi... play and let me know what you think of it....
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Once my layout was set and the Easy Remote commands were mapped, it worked fairly well. However, I did have some issues:

- The app seemed to crash a lot while I was setting up my layouts.
- I can't figure out how to assign the position control to the four faders that control my movement (pan, fine pan, tilt, fine tilt).
- Likewise, I can't figure out how to map the color control to my three RGB faders.
- I understand that on/off buttons should be highlighted/lowlighted as they are toggled. However, I would love to see "group" buttons. For the most part, I'm assigning buttons to change scenes. It would be nice if the current scene button was highlighted but automatically toggled off and lowlighted when I pressed another which would then be highlighted. Right now, I'm just using the second button in the menu which doesn't highlight at all.
- The ability to set the color of a button would be awesome

I am using the Android app. This issue DOES NOT happen on the iPad app...just the Android app.

I've got a MAJOR issue to report with the Android app.

1. Set up a layout of buttons on Easy Remote and save it.
2. Open a MyDMX project and go to User view.
3. Assign all the buttons via Learn Easy Remote Command by right-clicking each scene, selecting that menu option and then pressing a button on Easy Remote.
4. Wow! Everything is great. It works!
5. Save the project.
6. Keep Easy Remote open, leave MyDMX open but close the project by clicking the New Project button.
7. Now re-open the last project.
8. Try using Easy doesn't work.
8. Right click on a scene in User view. You see "Learn Easy Remote Command" and "Clear Easy Remote Command" looks like it saved the command but it's not responding to Easy Remote anymore.

And another come I can't overwrite my darn Easy Remote xml files? I have to keep creating a new one every time I edit the existing one and want to save.

I really want to start using this app live at shows...but I don't think it's ready...frustrating.
I don't remember updating my EasyRemote iPad application, but I did update to the latest DMX2.0 release. I was surprised to see that buttons assigned to scenes now remain highlighted and automatically toggle when another button is pressed. I've now used MyDmx2.0 and EasyRemote at two lives shows and have had no problems!

Could you advise how you were able to link the buttons created in EasyRemote to scenes in MyDMX2.0?

My apologies if this is a really basic question but I am a "rookie" lighting user and I'm trying to make life as easy as possible for our sound/lighting guy to produce our band.
This assumes that you are networked correctly and EasyRemote is connected to the usb DMX device:

1) Create the button in Easy Remote
2) Click the lock icon to make sure you are in "live" mode (lock should be closed).
3) Go to the User tab in MyDMX 2.0
4) Right-Click on a scene and select "Learn Easy Remote Command...". A "Waiting Command..." prompt will appear. If you aren't able to select "Learn Easy Remote Command", then MyDMX doesn't see that your iPad is synced.
5) Press the button on the iPad
6) The "Waiting Command..." window should go away and the button will be assigned.

This is pretty much the same procedure for hooking anything up.
So far, my iPad EasyRemote is working perfectly. However, the Android application still has plenty of problems.

Once you shut down MyDmx, my Nexus will no longer communicate with MyDmx projects. The learned EasyRemote commands are not sticking. I have to re-assign all my buttons every time I bring up my MyDmx project. I have no clue if this is an issue with the EasyRemote app or MyDmx. The MyDmx project looks like the EasyRemote commands are still "learned", but it doesn't respond to EasyRemote.

And please...a user really should be able to save their Android project under the same existing name. I want to save every minute or so while I set up my Easy Remote project, but I have to create a new *.xml file every time. This is a pain in the butt. In order to keep the project name I want, I have to save under a new name, delete the old file, then save again under the correct name.

Even after I got my project running and the buttons re-assigned for my show, the highlighted buttons would only toggle 60% of the time. I ended up with several buttons highlighted at the same time. It was very intermittent on whether or not the toggling would work.

I run MyDmx 2.0 along with my Presonus Universal Control on the same laptop and have had no issues live. The laptop isn't even a beefy's a 7+ year old Dell latitude. We've got 6 iPads on the network controlling FOH and aux sends on the Presonus and another iPad controlling the lights. Most of my scenes are not static, yet the laptop still keeps up.

Originally posted by bnfbassguy:
Thanks! I figured it out!

If everything works OK with my iPad mixer software (i.e. running at the same time) I'll pick up the new MyDMX this week.

Thanks for confirming that your set-up works. We have the same set-up with MyDMX and Presonus Universal Control. Our configuration is 1 iPad to control both sound and lighting (and other "i" devices to control monitors etc. Other than some periodic latency issues (when switching between Easy Remote and Universal Control) it seems to work.

I am waiting for MyDMX 2.0 interace to arrive so I can test it out. I sold my old MyDMX 1.0 interface yesterday so I'm "in" now.
Yeah, Apple's crappy iPad "multi-tasking" really hurts when trying to use a single iPad for both SL Remote and EasyRemote. If you've got the money, I'd suggest an iPad mini for Easy Remote so you don't have to switch between apps. If you're "off" one app for long enough, you have to reconnect to your device (either the StudioLive or MyDmx) which causes valuable seconds if you've got to adjust something quickly.
Originally posted by ThaDoctor:
Well everyone else seems to be getting further than me.

I don't get past the splash screen on two devices.
Samsung Galaxy Tab (4.1.3)
Asus Nexus 7 (4.2)

The app will not load past the splash screen if your DMX dongle is not recognized. The splash screen is basically the "connect to device" screen. As a result, you can't really "play" with the application offline (at least with the Android version). Are you sure that your dongle is attached to the computer and the computer is attached to the same network as your tablet?
ok so I have an Android Phone. So what I need to do is, start MyDMX 2.0 on the PC, then Connect my Android Phone to my home wireless network and then Ill be able to use this Easy Remote app? Is that how it works???? I would like to use this too at my events, as long as it doesnt crash and I have to start over.

As long as your phone and laptop are both on the same network, this will work. Bear in mind that you'll have to run a wireless network in your live environment as well.

Unfortunately, I haven't had much luck with the Android version of the app on my Nexus. I can't get the commands to stick between sessions. Hopefully this will get fixed. I've just been using the iPad version and it's seems pretty stable.
Do you guys even test this garbage? Excuse my frustration, but I can't help but be pissed when my time is continually wasted.

On the iPad app, buttons on different pages are reusing the same Easy Remote commands. I created a page of 24 buttons and assigned them all to scenes using the Live tab. I then added a new page in Easy Remote with 24 more buttons and assigned those. Well, now all the buttons on the first page are selecting the scenes I selected for the second page buttons.

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