Reply to "New release out for Easy Remote APP"

I am using the Android app. This issue DOES NOT happen on the iPad app...just the Android app.

I've got a MAJOR issue to report with the Android app.

1. Set up a layout of buttons on Easy Remote and save it.
2. Open a MyDMX project and go to User view.
3. Assign all the buttons via Learn Easy Remote Command by right-clicking each scene, selecting that menu option and then pressing a button on Easy Remote.
4. Wow! Everything is great. It works!
5. Save the project.
6. Keep Easy Remote open, leave MyDMX open but close the project by clicking the New Project button.
7. Now re-open the last project.
8. Try using Easy doesn't work.
8. Right click on a scene in User view. You see "Learn Easy Remote Command" and "Clear Easy Remote Command" looks like it saved the command but it's not responding to Easy Remote anymore.

And another come I can't overwrite my darn Easy Remote xml files? I have to keep creating a new one every time I edit the existing one and want to save.

I really want to start using this app live at shows...but I don't think it's ready...frustrating.