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My apologies if this is a duplicate post. I did do a search but couldn’t find.

New to myDMX and I just received my dongle. Need help with the following. I have a show coming up next Thursday and stuck not being able resolve this.

1. Need profile for Mini-moving head
2. How do I place fixtures on ground. Ie: I place my moving heads on the flower, but I cant do this on the visualize 3D application. How do I do it ?

Your kind assistance will be highly appreciated.
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Hey, Glen!

a couple of quick notes, one former newbie to another...
First, there is a scan library editor in your start menu under MyDmx. This is very easy to use, and you should immediately begin to learn how to set up your own profiles.
Second, although the visualizer is a really cool tool to use when you're starting out, you'll find it a pain in the a$$ once you know the program better, because it can't represent some fixtures well. I've gotten to the point of not using it at all unless I'm adding a new room and want to see what the space constrictions might be.
Third, MyDmx has a lot of powerful uses, if you're willing to think outside the box. As an example, there is no chase, per se, but you can use the effect generator (in the editor tab) to achieve this kind patch. Your imagination is your only obstacle with this tool.
Finally, SAVE, RESAVE, AND SAVE, THEN SAVE AS, SAVE AND SAVE, SO YOU CAN SAVE YOUR SANITY! I can't tell you how many times, starting out, that I had to reconstruct my show because of "operator headspace and timing", that is to say that my clicking finger wasn't engaged to my thinking cap. I've since learned to have a backup area to save to as well as my default working space within MyDmx.

And, btw, Jingles and Chris are excellent instructors. I couldn't have gotten this far without their help. Chris is a bit verbose, however... J/K, Chris!
Well, a chase doesn't exist per say in MyDMX, but that's not to say you can't make them. You can do a "NEXT" sort of thing, or you can also certainly use the steps within a scene in orer to make more steps and hence a longer scene.

That is definately thinking outside the box.

If you have scenes you like and wish to string them together into one "monster scene", you can copy and past the steps, just make sure you place your selection at the END so your destination will be BELOW the last listed stop.

The thing is that there isn't a single right way. If it works, then it's the right way. For me, I'm making a monster hour long scene, which will repeat 4 times and that will be my rave scene. That is my objective for next weekend is to focus on that only and have it done. I'll incorporate rotating which of my high-tech FX will be on and then duty cycled, then add some things like some strobing, marching cans, washes and of course incorporating my movers. I have to make sure nothing stays on full time and that I stay within 40 amps of power for lighting.
Hi All

Appreciate your assistance and willingness help. All suggestions noted.

Jingles: I purchase the Mini Moving head from China so there I no link, but the did send me a manual. If you can give me yr email address I can scan the document and send it to you

Chris & Troublemaker: Yes I was able to use the visualiser and create a chase thanks. Once I hook up the lights this week, will post a link on youtube.

PS: myDMX Rocks

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