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kltech posted:

Hi, I'm considering buying the my dmx 3.0 interface and I have a question:

Can you use this interface with DMX IN ?

It doesn´t have a male DMX plug but I have seen in the software a column with input/output

at edit / preferences / Devices Connectivity.

Is it possible to switch this as I want?

Thank you for answers!😊

Hi, no sorry myDMX 3 doesn't support DMX IN. 


I've just upgraded to the latest version of MyDMX 3.0 and now the "download fixture profile"-function isn't working anymore.

If I try to download one fixture profile, the download seems to start, but then the software freezes and never recovers again. If I try to download multiple fixture profiles from one brand, the download begins, but the software ends up crashing before the download is complete.

I'm running MyDMX 3.0 on a Windows 10 PC with all the latest updates.

What is the problem?

Kind regards
Mikkel Steen Østervig

BTW: I need fixture profiles for the Equinox Helix and the Equinox SpectraPix Batten.


Làm thế nào bạn cài đặt 3.0? Nếu tôi thử, nó sẽ báo lỗi: Tên tệp không hợp lệ Vui lòng không đổi tên thành ... Tôi hoàn toàn không đổi tên, tôi chỉ cài đặt nó từ hộp tải xuống. Tôi sử dụng máy mac với sierra mới nhất. Và bạn có biết nếu nó hoạt động với mydmx2.0 hoặc 2.1 dongle?
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Hi all

Today I found out, that there are updates to the myDMX3.0 software. I downloaded the newest version and I have a problem now...

My Firmware is on Version 0.10, the newest is 1.02. Unfortunately I can not update the firmware, because I always get an error message: "You must be connected to internet for perform this upgrade". Since I am connected to the internet, I don't know what to do.

Can anyone help me? Thank you very much.

PS: If this post is in the wrong thread, move it or tell me where to post

Kind regards


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