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Do you all remember your first American DJ product that you bought?

Tell us a little about your first ADJ product you purchased in this thread and you could win some cool prizes!!!

The prize for the top 3 entries we like the most will get an ADJ or American Audio polo shirt sent to them and also a free banner with your name or company/ band/ DJ name on it.

This contest will run as of now until December 31, 2008. The winners will be chosen after the 2nd of Janurary 2009. Winners will be notified via email. You may also post pics of the light in action or retired. Pics cannot be 3rd party pics. So let the contest begin and have fun! Good luck.

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I remember when i first started, i had bought some crappy police beacons form some store. at the time, it was the only thing i could afford. i knew a place at a near by shopping mall tha sold adj products and had lay away plans. i was fourteen at the time and didnt have a job, so it was the only way i could afford anything. when i went into the store i felt like a kid in a candy store ( cliche, i know), i figured that one of the lights i could purchase the fastest was the helicopter with six lights. i had my heart set on the vertigo, but knew i would take a really long time to get it. i had my brother drive me to the store once a week to deposite fifty dollars. until i brought it home. it was my baby; i remember i would play music in my bedroom with the helicopter going. i would picture myself at a club. i can remember playing at some private parties, in backyards where people didnt have any grass just dirt. i could see the rays of light because of the dust being kicked up. i thought it looked so cool! about six or seven months went by and we did a gig at a rougher part of town, needless to say a fight broke out and nocked my speakers over (the helicopter sat on one of the speakers because i didnt have a lightstand). the light got kicked and tossed and stomped ect. ect.
the lights no longer came on and some of the lenses were broken. to my surprise the moter still worked, but it was no use. my baby was broken and i could not afford to fix it. my parents saw that i was bummed out about it, i had crummy police beacons, and a strobe light that was no brighter than a flashlight. to my surprise, for my sixteenth b-day, they had bought me a vertigo and a foghog. forget about it... in my head i had the best lightshow arround. twelve years later, the vertigo still exists, full of dust and with its oiginal bulbs still working. its been long retired, still does what it is supposed to do. i was amussed when i saw the vertigo and the heli on the newest catalog, it brought back fun memories.
Well my first ever ADJ product was the myDMX. WOW its a corker. The sheer size of and its power. PERFECT! It does most things that the more expensive brands do! The program was simple and setting up was almost non existent. Plugged it and and it was working. This will not be my last bit ADJ kit. Its super. Long live ADJ! Keep on rocking.
I don't have any pics but I'll share more of what got me there. I'm the youth pastor at a local church that was wanting to add lighting and effects to their services. I knew absolutely nothing about the lights, DMX, programming, etc.. I was introduced to the american DJ series of lighting products. While there are more expensive lights on the market - I've not found a more reliable, cost effective lighting products. Had a district wide pastor dinner at church last night and they functioned perfectly. In fact, I was part of a band that played at the Summet Center in Nashville for a general assembly. High dollar, very expensive motion lights were set just a few feet from me. One had a short and kept acting up and another had their bulb shot. Couldn't help but think if I had my Accuspots there - they would at least be working!

As of now, we've purchased close to $10,000 in lights and accessories - gotta get those AMDJ points turned in - and always turn to AMDJ first for anything we are looking at.
My story is relatively simple.

Been doing sound all my life. But, to compete on my own, I gotta get lights. I saw what the competition passed off as lights, and I was not impressed. Of course, I gotta do better.

What are my choices? Basically, the world, but also, I have to think budget. My fiance let me spend some money to get lighting stuff. Gee, isn't that nice of her to let me spend my own money?

One of my objectives was to if at all possible was to stick with one brand for equipment, just to ensure compatibility.

It's hard to say what my first ADJ light was, as I bought many at once. That first purchase was 4 Par38's, an Electra, a Sunray III and a DP-DMX20L Dimmer pack. TO control it all, I also purchased a DMX Operator.

What do put it on? An On Stage Stands 10-foot trussing system with T-Bars. Sorry, I didn't have an ADJ option at that store at that time.

I spent the next 2 weeks learning this simple system. Simple. This was also my first introduction to ADJ as a brand, and I was pleased.

First even was a karaoke wedding. My very simple light show kicked butt in a major hard way. In fact, even as simple as this lighting rig was, it set the standards for those I was competing with. In fact it set the standard so high that many still haven't touched it, and this is about as simple as it can get.

What did I do that my competition didn't bother to do? I could CONTROL my lights. Honestly, it was that simple.

After that, the word within the specific community was "this is the only guy who can handle really anything". Now the word is "this guy CAN HANDLE ANYTHING and can do BIG SHOWS" but they don't want to hire me because: I cost money because I have good gear.

ADJ in part helped me get a huge edge over my competition, but my skills as a sound engineer proved that I have no competition. As I continue to grow, ADJ is gonna be in the mix with me. I may not be the only guy using ADJ gear, but I'm the only guy who knows what he's doing and can control it.
When I had decided that I wanted to get into DJing and had saved up my money, I had to figure out what gear to buy. This was long before the accessibility of information now found on the internet. I called a DJ shop where I discussed my options with a sales rep. He had nothing but great things to say about American DJ products along with their 5-star customer service.

Based on this positive recommendation, I made my first purchase of American DJ gear. This included a Vertigo, 2 Mini Gem II's, 2 Snap Shot strobes, Mirror ball package, 10 foot truss, light controller, strobe controller, and Dyno Fog smoke machine. I was very pleased with the quality of these products and still use them today.

Since my initial purchase of American DJ gear, I've added to my system over the years. I have 2 ProScratch 2's, QD-5 mixer, 2 Mighty Scans, 2 Par64 LED's, and a Punch LED Pro.

American DJ has been with me from the beginning and has never disappointed.
My first american dj light was the Quad gem. I was fairly new to lighting and dmx when i purchased this light for my band and had next to no idea of how versatile that light can be. programming chases in the 7 channel mode has helped to bring life and colour to my bands performance. The colours are super vibrant and make my drummer look like he's riding a rainbow with his drum kit. Everyone that has seen it so far has said that it looks amazing and looks like heaven, etc. I love the quad gem and i love how i can leave it on forever and stare at how magnificent the colours look. Attached is a picture of the quad gem projecting my favourite colour pattern behind my drummers kit. We have yet to play a live show with the lights but when we do the quad gem along with the many other adj products that i have purchased are going to blow peoples minds.


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Hello all from "Down Under"

My first contact with ADJ gear came when I was working as DJ/Lighting Engineer for Club Med @ Lindeman Island.

We had a very limited budget, but the Chef De Village was asking for more and more elaborate shows and technical production...

Because of this I started doing some research into what was available... and settled upon 20 LED Par 64's and 15 LED Par 36's... It did take me nearly two days to run DMX all over our semi outdoor theatre, and another week to get the sparky down to run power...

But... when the system was powered up that first night, and I went through some of the cues I'd recorded, both the staff and CDV were blown away!!! The comments and praise I received was awesome, and extremely gratifying...

I no longer work for Club Med, but by the time I left we had also purchased lasers, truss, strobes and scanners.... all at my request...

And guess what.... those first 64's are still going strong... and believe me, they are active from 5pm - 6am, 7 days a week, 365 a years...

Great products and even better prices... Now, I just need to figure out what the first purchase is for my new endeavour... "panda'monium productions"
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