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I'll explain a bit more, maybe someone can help me.

On the Owners Manual say: 34. POWER SUPLLY: The Power Supply IS NOT required, but the LED indicators on the mixer knobs will be dim, headphones may be underpowered, and there is an increase chance of audio distortion.

That Been said, if the power supply is NOT required for the unit to turn on, how come after 3 days of purchase, the VMS4 doesn't turn on????????

To the Dev team, Moderators and users......anybody had this issue before?, I live in Guatemala, City, C.A., Bought the units last thursday in Miami, came back to my country, the first problem I encounter war a Burned out Master level signal led, that was on friday afternoon after taking the unit out and tested it for the first time ( not a nice first impression), and 2 days later, this problem?...I know warranty does not cover outside US, even though the guy at Guitar Center made me buy an extra 36 month warranty witch he said it was a worldwide warranty.

I'm not looking for a replacement, even though it would be fair for me, but what I'm looking for is someone to help me resolve this issue. I called AA Customer Service and their response was : THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO TO HELP !!!, I called Guitar Center Customer Service, and their response was : bring the unit back..... Yeah sure, I just spend $499.00 for the unit plus $89.99 for the extra warranty, now I have to buy a $650.00 airplane ticket to have my problem resolve on a device I just bought 5 days ago.

Please someone help me !!!
Musikguate... Will you please give me more information, when you say the VMS4 does not turn on lets trouble shoot this.
With the power supply and the USB cable plugged in when the power switch is turned on do you see the level meter indicate the version when you turn it on?

If you do that is a good sing that means that you unit has power you might not see the rest of the LED's stay on because you have not properly configured it.

If nothing happens on power up, at any time was there a short on you power connection or USB? does your unit smell like Smoke?

Have you tried the RCA inputs are they working? remember to set the switch for the corresponding channel to Analog when using RCA inputs.

Is the VMS4 audio interface working?

Is the Mouse pad working?

Do you see the Device in your Control panel (PC) or Audio MIDI setup (MAC)?

what software are you using? what operating system are you running?
Thanks for the help Ihearyou, let's see....

Before it showed the version when I turned it on V3.11, but now nothings turns on, only when Y plug the Power supply and USB cable a blink on the level metter on 0 turns red for just a milisecond, leds on knobs also turn on for just a second.

Neither the unit nor the USB cable does smells like smoke.

I haven't tried the inputs, only outputs, and no sound comes out.

The VMS4 doesn't appear to be conected to my laptop.

Haven't try to see the device on my Mac ( Audio Midi setup ) the way....where can I find that ?????

I'm using Birtual DJ Pro V7.0.4 ( had it for over 5 years now ), OS on my MAC OSx 10.6.7 it a Macbook Pro 17" 2.53 Dual Core I5 procesor, 4 gb Ram, 500gb HDD.

The weird part is that it was working perfectly, was resolving some mapping issues regarding the effects parameters an so, and all of a sudden, it turned off, and dosn't turn on.

Hope this info helps.
@Freshfluke: already did and their response was, we can't do anything about it, because you are outside the US. So today I'm taking it to the AA Dealer here in Guatemala. I don't think they would be a ble to do something about it, but I'll try anyway.

To Tell you the truth, I've been wanting to get this unit for quite some time now, and I was between the AA and the Denon Controler.....and with this problem, I don't know really...... but hopefully I'll get it fixed.

It is not that the unit doesn't turn on, or has a burned out led.....I can understand things wont last forever...but....5 days after purchase?????....come on....Frowner
Perhaps AA should "sort" the controllers with more care before sending them to dealers or where they send it.

As i've seen here, some people have a problem, some have other and some does not have a clue about controllers/dj-ing/&stuff. What I'm trying to say is that some controllers are working fine and some clients got "those" controllers which don't work... How can I know if the controller which I've seen in a shop and I want to buy it's OK and works perfect OR it's not right... just to avoid wasted money & time (with sending back to repairing or replacing).
Dispite that I like this controller and I like the things it does or how it looks... i'm only 60% convinced to buy it. Maybe because I didn't "touch" one or because I read this forum daily...? have no idea.
@ DJ Freshfluke: went to the AA dealer here and their response was: We will take a look at it, to tell you the truth, we have never seen a device like this one, but we will try our best, however, if we will need parts that we don not have in stock, I have to tell you it will take about 3 months, because AA send us spare parts every 3 months" so either way I'm screwed. Have to wait 3 months for a controler I bought 6 days ago.....talking about bad luck.

@ Mr. Paul: don't get me wrong, yes, I got what we called a LEMON, put of the 1,000 units that came our of the factory, I got the LEMON of the bunch, the VMS4 is a great Controller, awesome sound card, great features, outstanding materials, but just make sure you test it again and again in the store before you buy it.
Originally posted by MUSIKGUATE:
[...] the VMS4 is a great Controller, awesome sound card, great features, outstanding materials, [...]

I believe you and I agree. That's why my "target" is still the VMS4 and I continue reading this forum :P

As of "...make sure you test it again and again in the store before you buy it." ... that's a problem for me at the moment. In Romania there is only one shop where you can test some products and where you can find the VMS4 (as I know)... and not many online shops from where you can buy the VMS4...
Leo: my laptop PC recognize the VMS4 as an unknown device, the weird thing is, you told me to put it in post EQ mode, have to press the cue button on midilog #4 before turn it on, and it does, but the weird part is that when I'm in pre EQ mode with the unit on and I press the cue button on #4 midilog, the unit starts blinking like a christmas tree, don't need to turn it of and put it in post eq mode to do that.

tonight I will try the Turbo MOde to see what happenes, so, I'll keep you posted.

Thanks a again for you help.

p.s. I got your email, upseting news, but still keep my hopes up Smiler

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