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Reply to "NEED HELP !!!"

Musikguate... Will you please give me more information, when you say the VMS4 does not turn on lets trouble shoot this.
With the power supply and the USB cable plugged in when the power switch is turned on do you see the level meter indicate the version when you turn it on?

If you do that is a good sing that means that you unit has power you might not see the rest of the LED's stay on because you have not properly configured it.

If nothing happens on power up, at any time was there a short on you power connection or USB? does your unit smell like Smoke?

Have you tried the RCA inputs are they working? remember to set the switch for the corresponding channel to Analog when using RCA inputs.

Is the VMS4 audio interface working?

Is the Mouse pad working?

Do you see the Device in your Control panel (PC) or Audio MIDI setup (MAC)?

what software are you using? what operating system are you running?