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Reply to "NEED HELP !!!"

Thanks for the help Ihearyou, let's see....

Before it showed the version when I turned it on V3.11, but now nothings turns on, only when Y plug the Power supply and USB cable a blink on the level metter on 0 turns red for just a milisecond, leds on knobs also turn on for just a second.

Neither the unit nor the USB cable does smells like smoke.

I haven't tried the inputs, only outputs, and no sound comes out.

The VMS4 doesn't appear to be conected to my laptop.

Haven't try to see the device on my Mac ( Audio Midi setup ) the way....where can I find that ?????

I'm using Birtual DJ Pro V7.0.4 ( had it for over 5 years now ), OS on my MAC OSx 10.6.7 it a Macbook Pro 17" 2.53 Dual Core I5 procesor, 4 gb Ram, 500gb HDD.

The weird part is that it was working perfectly, was resolving some mapping issues regarding the effects parameters an so, and all of a sudden, it turned off, and dosn't turn on.

Hope this info helps.