Purchased myDMX Buddy for my Mac.  I'm running 10.14 so I'm thinking that is the problem.  The interface shows up and seems like its working but when I place a light into the software, the lights don't work.  I've updated the firmware and nothing works.  Need assistance. 

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You mean 10/14 for Mac OS? 
what release of the mydmx software are you using? mydmx 2.0 or 2.1? you should be using 2.1. 
also there really aren't any firmware updates available for the Buddy.... 

Ok, there aren't any known issues currently on Mac, Does the device show up in the bottom left corner of the software? or does it say demo mode? 

Testing with ADJ Mega Tripar Profile Plus - fixture is set in address 1, 6 channel mode selected on fixture and in my DMX 2.1.  In setup mode, it won't even let me turn the fixture on.  myDMX Buddy - green light flashing very rapidly and red light is solid

Ok well it is after hours now, everyone went home, i have forwarded this thread to the ADJ service boss. We will see what we can do tomm AM. 

I received the chip and installed it - not there's a "short" on the XLR female on the my DMX buddy - I've tried 4 cables and they all do the same thing.  You have to install the cable just right, but the chip us working now.

I purchased myDMX Buddy for my Mac. Finally got it but it is not controlling my lights.  myDMX Buddy - green light flashing and red light is flashing very fast. I bought this on Amazon. On the buttom of the screen says: Sushi -256 S/N: 841593 (express mode). I need help i just paid 100 and something dollars for this and is not doing anything 


what i am able to do with this "interface" if it is not doing anything ? there should be clear instructions on the package and when you are purchasing that the software you need to pay for a year in order to work with the interface. 

I don't really understand what you mean. I am using it for several years without paying anything after buying the actual hardware. The app is free. I have been controlling complete professional set up in large venues (theatres, large cultural centres, dance floors, ...

I just registered it. On the bottom left corner says Connected hardware 1myDMX Buddy (express mode) i pick my fixture just 3 channels to test Red Green and Blue . and cant even get those colors 

Thanks for the reply, yes i selected the address, channel in my fixture and then patch it should work but it doesn't i used other software to control my lights and also a physical 512 DMX controller. wanted to try this but i guess i got a defective one. 

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