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Hi there,

I have created an account at Light Cloud page, have managed to upload my first project, and download it to the mydmx go app, worked pretty well. Since then, I cannot log into my account (message: wrong pw or user name). Have checked, both should be fine. So I asked for a new pw a couple of days ago, but have not yet arrived (have also checked spam folder as well).

Could someone please help me with that?

Thank you

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How come I can’t find any documentation on how to share show files between iPads. I run a rental company and have many iPads I need to share my show files between. This was one of the selling points for buying MyDMX go. And I can’t figure out how to do it.

I logged into the cloud think on chrome on my iPad. And then logged into MyDMX Go on the same iPad. And there’s no option to beam stuff to or from the cloud. It’s very frustrating.

As an update: I was told this morning that this feature would most likely be implemented next year. They are currently working on some major stuff in the apps now so once that is done and bug tested, they'll begin work on Light Cloud show file synch.
Granted though, the Light cloud show synch, was never marketed as an existing feature it was just an idea from lots of users and the Dev team liked it and said they would try. So its not like we are holding out on a promised feature, it is being worked on but not available yet. 

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