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Howdy guys, I'm not a pro at this, just trying to make it work. I have an Elation DMX Operator, two Eliminator ED15s, and an Am DJ Spectrum LED.

First, the ED15 manual has no info on setting DMX addresses? Any ideas?

Also, when I hook them all up, the control is not working, if I just set the first ED15 to address one, and run i by itself, it runs fine, but if I add the second Ed15 as whatever address, it will not control it, but if I change it to one and hook it direct to theDMX controller, then it works, but not when both are hooked up. It's unclear in the ed15 manual whether the slave mode is the DMX control mode, but in "not slave" mode then they dont work at all.

Just seems weird. I have long DMX cables, so used shorter audio cables, but there is no shield connected, would that make a difference? I have termination resistor on the last one too.....frustrating.

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First, use DMX cables. Second, the shield should be connected. Are you SURE these are DMX cables?

OK, the Eliminator ED15:

To start with, set the DIP switches as follows for BOTH(yes, we're duplicating addresses, deal with it):
It appears you need DIP switch 10 in the ON(up) position in Bank 2(the lower one). In the upper bank, Set DIP's 1-9 also to the down position(off). Then, set DIP #1 to ON. This should set the dimmer pack to start at DMX addres 1.

Ensure your cables are pin to pin.

One issue it appears is that the ED15 isn't a very good "player" in the world of DMX. Ensure your dimmer packs are set to pass thru, which they should via default.

The manual sucks.
Thanks, what I am hooking up to the ed15s are just old style par cans for dimming. I have DMX cables, but they are 25 footers and I thought maybe that was the issue, but using shorter audio cables didnt give a different result, maybe the "not playing well with others in the dmx world" might be an issue, but it sure is frustrating!

Not to belabor a point, but I think a brilliant essay on the difference between audio and dmx cables would be a great addition to the forum.
If the P36LED spot has a DMX address, do NOT plug that into a dimmer pack. Those don't go on dimmer packs for power. Give it power directly, but plug DMX into that for control. Read your manual for channel functions.

And yes, many manuals are written in China, with English NOT as a second language(or a concern in many cases).

Download a manual for the ADJ Color Fusion and check out it's manual for addressing. It's fairly standard.

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