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I have had a go at making my own, but im new to Mydmx.
I just wandered if anyone would be so kind as to tell me if they have made one or if jingles could make me one up.

here is the griven dmx chart if this helps.

Hope someone can help.

Dan in the UK
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Not to sound lazy, but my suggestion is to start making your own profile. Why? Well, not just to take load off Jingles, but also to help you start your learning process. Take your time, and yes, you'll probably make mistakes. Mistakes here are good, mainly because you'll learn from your mistakes.

Making profiles is an exact process, which can be easy to do if you're well experienced. For newbies, it can be challenging. For myself, it wasn't too bad but I still made mistakes.

Don't be afraid to try and make mistakes at this level. You can still ask for help and see if someone will review your profile for you.

My overall objective is to try to encourage people here to be more self-sufficient and self-motivated. I don't want to discourage people from using the forums, but I would like to see more people TRY to make their own profiles as opposed to just throwing their requests to Jingles, who I am sure has plenty of other profiles to work on as well. We all need to try to be as self-sufficient as possible in as many aspects as possible when we work in entertainment. Right now, I have to bring the musician, FOH, recording and monitor engineer tasks to the table, while still developing photo, video and lighting skills, and sometimes having to take the role of stage manager and show producer. Way too much for one person!
Hi Jingles, 16 bit would be very usefull if you could.
I would be happy to pay for your time. or send you a drink through paypal.
Im not being lazy, I have a show (Club Night) in 2 weeks time. and I have just purchased Mydmx. So im getting to grips with the main software. and simply dont have the time between now and then sit down for 6 hours trying to get a fixture right.
I just need it to work straight away. so I can then program the show.
I have watched your video, and will certainly have a go at it myself next time round.

Beacuse I had seen a post by you saying that your were happy to help out on making up fixtures. I thought I would ask for that help!

In between running my 2 companys by day.

by night I record my radio shows, compile charts, edit the music I play in the clubs.
I now promote and run my own club night in the UK.
Oh I also write, produce and remix trance music for my sets.

At weekends im playing in clubs and driving all over the uk doing gigs.

As Chris has sugested, please dont think im just being lazy! lol
Because that really is not the case!

I am taking djing to a different level in this club where I will be operating the whole lighting system through a midi keyboard for my 3 hour set.
Which I am programing on my dmx.
So I have a lot to deal with between now and then. as well as other comitments I have, Hence why I thought I would ask if anyone has a patch for these lights on here.

For someone who knows and understands the fixture side of the programe, I thought it would take you seconds rather thans me taking days to get it right!

If you have too much on at prestent then I understand.

Best regards

Have to agree that making your own profiles is sometimes not being lazy. I am not sure if MyDMX has this issue, but making/editing profiles on the Hog can cause the console to crash, hence the reason High End is against it. It is also quite a bit more complicated/involved.

I make/edit my own profiles for the Hog often, but I have been doing it for years now. I also have learned what to do and what not to do when it comes to the profiles and still learning as I continue to edit/make more.

So I can see both sides of the coin from an experience point of view. While it is great to get the experience in making/editing your own profiles, it can also cause a lot of headaches/unforeseen issues which is why the professionals/support staff for the product are just that. Never hurts to ask for help Wink.
Jingles you are a legend! thanks you sir.
I really am sorry to take up your time on this, but you really are helping me out.

I did have a go earlier at making a profile and although I was starting to work it. after spending 2 hours on it the bloody thing crashed and I lost the lot.
I really do appreciate your help on this.

As a small token of gratatude let me send you some mixes to download for the car if your into trance music at all!!

just click the name to listen or the arrow to download.



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