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Reply to "Griven Acrobat spot 250 patch"

Hi Jingles, 16 bit would be very usefull if you could.
I would be happy to pay for your time. or send you a drink through paypal.
Im not being lazy, I have a show (Club Night) in 2 weeks time. and I have just purchased Mydmx. So im getting to grips with the main software. and simply dont have the time between now and then sit down for 6 hours trying to get a fixture right.
I just need it to work straight away. so I can then program the show.
I have watched your video, and will certainly have a go at it myself next time round.

Beacuse I had seen a post by you saying that your were happy to help out on making up fixtures. I thought I would ask for that help!

In between running my 2 companys by day.

by night I record my radio shows, compile charts, edit the music I play in the clubs.
I now promote and run my own club night in the UK.
Oh I also write, produce and remix trance music for my sets.

At weekends im playing in clubs and driving all over the uk doing gigs.

As Chris has sugested, please dont think im just being lazy! lol
Because that really is not the case!

I am taking djing to a different level in this club where I will be operating the whole lighting system through a midi keyboard for my 3 hour set.
Which I am programing on my dmx.
So I have a lot to deal with between now and then. as well as other comitments I have, Hence why I thought I would ask if anyone has a patch for these lights on here.

For someone who knows and understands the fixture side of the programe, I thought it would take you seconds rather thans me taking days to get it right!

If you have too much on at prestent then I understand.

Best regards