Hey everyone,
I am using MIDI signals for trigering faders in myDMX 3.0.

What I want - is use it two way. Which is ALMOST possible. I mapped it correctly and when I trigerring faders from outside - they are moving (automation is working - everything is fine) but the second way is interesting.

When I check enable feedback on fader and move the fader in the myDMX by mouse - the fader on my external device is moving - OK. But I wanted to do for Rendering effects and there comes the problem - when faders in myDMX are automated by Effect or by Scene - faders are not sending MIDI output. I checked it in MIDI watcher too.

If developers will be so kind and work out this for me - it will be very helpful. I now have to use other program for generating effects :/

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Hello, the developers would like to know did you have MIDI shortcuts setup before you created the scenes? Or did you create the MIDI shortcut after the faders were created?

Also one thing to note is the "feedback when data received" being enabled will cause crashes, so its best to turn that off. it's a known bug.

Firstly I patched lights, set it up in Easy View, then I mapped midi and then I made scenes. 

Yes feedback when data received is off. I know about that bug. Just midi feedback is enabled. 

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