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Hey guys

Got myself the airstream bridge and it all works until I get to the effects builder. I select a fixture turn on the dimmer then I draw a circle and I see that it is doing its thing on the iPad but the fixture does not move.

i have rebooted both bridge and iPad but still nothing. Can anyone please help?

Thank you in advance for your time


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Ok, when you make your own profile, you need to be very careful of the naming for the Pan and Tilt channels. It even says underneath where you name them as example of Pan Pan fine Tilt tilt fine, ALSO you need to make sure of the fade options for those channels as well. 

Pan= 16-bit fade
Pan Fine= 16-Bit Fade fine
same for Tilt and Tilt fine. make sense? 

Look at the app instructions on how to make a profile. Use certain key words for some of the channel names. You only need to use 16 bit fade for certain types of controls that use two channels, for example pan coarse and pan fine. Most of the time you will use 8 bit fade or snap for the fade mode. Load a similar light from the library and look how it is set up to get an idea of how it's done.

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