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hi all,
i need opinions on what the fault is on one of my active speakers. i have 2 american audio XSP 10A's which i've only had for a week.

new years eve i was dj'ing at a party (standard sized living room with about 12 people present) with them and after about 2 hours of playing one speakers audio was distorting and i thought the speaker had blown, but i checked both speakers and there was no clip LED flashing, no red clip light showing on either speaker and both heatsinks were warm to touch but not very warm.

I run the speakers through the native instruments Audio 2DJ USB sound card with a 1/4 inch stereo jack to RCA adapter, then running one RCA to XLR male cable to each of the speakers, both speakers volume, treble and bass were set exactly the same positions, one speaker sounded great, very clear and punchy, the other started distorting after 2 hours. i dj'd till 5am with the one speaker which i had no problems with. When i got home 7pm new years day i tested the one speaker that the audio was distorting, and when i powered it up and played some tracks it sounded fine, just as good as the other one, so that outruled a blown driver unit, so i played a recorded mix i have which is about 2 and a half hours long and again after about 2 hours of playing music through the speaker it started to distort again, so i turned the speaker off for 10 minutes then powered it up again and after 10 minutes of playing the sound started to distort again. I've swapped all cables to rule out any faults with my cables. The RCA inputs and the Microphone input work ok even when i connect to the RCA input straight after the audio distortion happens the audio through the RCA inputs is great, the way it should be. Anyone know what this fault could be, i'm thinking a faulty XLR line input connector on the speaker and it's causing the audio signal to degrade.
I'm ok as the speakers are still covered by warranty as i've only had them for a week.
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No the heatsink (fins) on the back of both speakers are the same temperature....not cold, not very warm...just warm, i could put my hand on both speakers heatsinks and keep it pressed against them for a long time without burning my hands or causing any discomfort to my hand, i posted in in the speaker and amps section and a guy there said it could be a faulty pre-amp.
i've contacted the shop where i bought them....the shop contacted ADJ in europe, but ADJ are taking their time in responding.
Still no response from ADJ europe support, and the shop i bought them from say they don't have any stock to replace the speaker....i don't see why a shop should sell a product if the product needs to be shipped from the manufacturer.
I actually feel like returning both speakers and getting my money back under my statutary rights as a's been over a week now since i reported this faulty speaker and communications from both ADJ Europe and the shop i bought the speakers from has been very poor....and here is me thinking of buying
2xADJ hyper gems
2xADJ colour burst 8's
1xADJ mystic
and the dj stand with the lighting bar above it.
so that's another £800GBP or more.
It's the shop i bought the speakers from that i'm annoyed at most as it seems they don't carry stock, and when you buy from them they don't tell you the speakers are not in stock and have to be shipped from ADJ Europe....any other shop would contact you to tell you they didn't have the speakers in stock....but no this shop took the money from my bank account and when the speakers didn't arrive within a week i phoned them and it was then i was told they were being shipped from ADJ europe.
i have small paying gigs coming up in 2 weeks which i was going to use the XSP 10A's for....but now i have only one of them and i'm gonna have to lug my behringer eurolive B412DSP's with me and they weigh 65lbs each.
I'm not a happy chappy.
Ok this is getting beyond a joke....i emailed i also sent a support message via the ADJ europe website on first week of January....and still no reply.....the shop i bought the speakers from are still giving me the runaround.....this will be the first and last piece of gear i buy from ADJ.....think it's time to contact consumer direct or citizens advice bureau...i reported the fault on my speaker on the 4th January, so that's almost 3 weeks.
Ok update on this situation.

sent faulty speaker to the shop i bought it from, they got it on 31st january although the speaker got sent to the shops workshop and the manager of the shop didn't know the speaker was delivered to the workshop until i told him 2 days after it was delivered so that was wednesday 2nd feb, ADJ picked it up from shop sometime after 2nd feb probably the following week 7th feb at earliest.
Got my replacement speaker delivered today 23rd february, so i'd say it took roughly 2 weeks from when faulty speaker got delivered to ADJ, ADJ testing speaker then sending out replacement....which i think is reasonably kudos to ADJ for dealing with this fairly quickly....i think it took so long from 4th january to sort this out was mainly due to lack of communication between the shop and ADJ. Some shops are on the ball and deal with returns very quickly...and i'm afraid some shops are not on the ball whether it's due to bad customer service or lack of staff.
I really can't fault ADJ as they dealt with their side of things pretty fast.
OH and i did buy the lights i mentioned in above post and i really am impressed with them.

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