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I've seen many many tours throughout the years, and without a doubt, Pink Floyd is at the top for both sound & lighting. They use a true quadrophonic PA system (anyone remember those?) that simply sounds incredible. Their lightshow including lasers is easily the most incredible integration of lighting to sound I've ever witnessed...and yes, seen KISS, Michael and everybody else.

What I feel sets them apart is how the LD makes the scenes integrate perfectly with the music and rear projection and is timed to perfection...not to mention the worlds largest mirrorball! Big Grin

I hope they release something fairly soon as it's been almost 9 years since their last tour and I'd love to see/hear them again!

While the Pulse video mentioned is quite good, it wasn't as perfectly executed as several of their stateside shows I saw that tour...however, it's still pretty phenominal!
Billy - D

Our job as moderators on this site is to ensure that all the members are using our forum correctly,Since this forum is affiliated to a specific company " american DJ" we are limited to talk about that brand of equipment alone. We also don't allow other companies to be mentioned because we do not want to be responceable for a member bad mouthing or saying something negative about there products, this forum was designed to help people who use ADJ equipment and to talk about DJing in general. If you do not wish to follow the rules of this forum, then you might want to try a different one. our jobs as moderators are not to yell and scream at our members, but simply to enforce the rules. We are strict for a reason, and we will edit or delete posts that we feel innappropriete. If this is a problem, then i don't think this is the right place for you

Thank you for your time

yeah those lights are amazing alright!!! Eeker ... but they also come with a huge price tag!
i don't think ordinary consumers or djs could afford such lighting and that is probably why ADJ does not produce them.
Remember we make the best Quality with the least Price and u know it! Wink

But if u happen to be bill gates lost son, with alot of $$$$$$$$ to spare. i think adj might just make a custom one for u! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
well,if you didn't know, elation is a large scale version of American Dj. In fact, i believe it is owned by american dj. If you can remember, the "patentlight", was first by american dj, it was then moved over to Elation lighting. Elation is like the pro concert of American DJ. So i dont think any mod would hit you by talking about elation. Just no bad talk. Any was in the show, they did use "high end lighting". High end lighting is used at all of those big shows. Elation is used for medium shows, and american dj is for those who cant afford big lights, but want big lights. I hope im clear. Talking about Sound equipment is much different than talking about lighting equipment.
Originally posted by Faultline:
[qb] and american dj is for those who cant afford big lights, but want big lights. I hope im clear. [/qb]

I will have to disagree with you there, American DJ lights are geared more towards the working mobile dj, easy to maintain, easy to setup and tear down, not every mobile wants to or can afford a HES intelligent setup, or 918's for that matter. I have used 812's and I have used Mighty Scans' and Rotoscans, and still I would prefer the mighty's for mobile gigs cause of the compact size and weight.
As for H E S, there is some being used in conjunction with several other brands as well on the last Floyd tour. Very few touring rigs are made up of entirely exclusive brands.

I also saw some of the Patend lights on a tour sometime back...they were used very sparingly, but to great effect with their blazing speed.

I also saw 4 Pro-Gressors with clear lenses...yes, these were what they were as I could plainly see them during the rig strike and they made for an awesome effect...and this was in a very large lighting rig using a Vari*ety Wink of lighting with over 80 heads.

I must say, those Pro-Gressors are pretty bright with clear lenses!

As for Fault...I feel you're at fault here passing bad information...Personally I've been doing sound & lighting for well over 20 years, have been involved with major national touring acts and feel qualified to speak about this issue...and point out obvious misinformation.

Funny thing about those Pro-Gressors when I spoke to the LD for that rig...he indicated that one of the coolest effects in this lighting rig consisting of heads who's average price is $6000 is the effect he gets from 4 simple lights from AMDJ for less than $200 each...sure doesn't seem to help your point here now does it?!


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