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I have two questions:

1. Is there a way to set the speed of the scenes to a song's BPM by "tapping" it in? What about scene speed by sound?

2. I'm using some ADJ Mega Bars. In the visualizer they show up as colored rectangles--they don't project a beam like the par cans do. Is there anyway to make them project a beam in the visualizer like the par ans or spot lights?


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that's a good question and one i have been pondering over for a few days whilst i have been playing with all the bits and pieces,

it's not something ive come across as yet, but maybe james could answer,....

slightly off topic, but another question nonetheless...

is there a way to fade from scene to scene, as i maybe creating seperate coloured wash scenes, on differing scene tabs, and instead of SNAP to another scene/wash fade to another scene without creating a pallette of washes on the same scene, if you know what i mean!., lol

Hey guys.
1) nope sorry. speeds are played back as recorded. if you need different speeds create different scenes of the same thing but at different speeds. sorry.
2) What channel mode profile are you using? for beam output best bet is to use Generic RGB profiles.

Macky: take a look at this pic.

simply check the box and add a fade time in the section to the right. And the scene will fade in according to the fade time. This works best will single step scenes. Kinda tricky with scenes with multiple steps.
Hope this helps you both.
James, as always legend, that's gotta be the one little check box i havent played with.. lol guess thanks for that!..

probably not one that can be answered in the meantime, but going back to the Tap sync..

is this something that maybe integrated into any future release/s of the MyDMX software, or is it something that is not really viable outside of a hardware controller.. ? :-)
Perfect, achieved what i had been hoping too, :-)

RE: fade check, have just tried creating multiple fades within the same scene and it does work without the fade check box being ticked.. but without the fade box being ticked washes in different scenes just snap to change, rather than fade.. ;-)

either way it's all productive. lol

cheers James / Chris

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