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Hey all,

Pretty new to the DMX world, just got myDMX 3.0 and put together some scenes. All the steps are in order, but when I click on a scene set to advance steps on BPM, while using Tap Tempo BPM, it skips the first step every time. Is this just how this functions? I can put all of the final steps as the first step if this is supposed to be this way, but I'm nervous I'll be doing a show live and it'll want to work properly after making all the work arounds.

(I wager this is 'working as intended' where I'm hitting the button just a hair before the beat, causing it to appear like a skip in that split second it was active. I'm guessing this just needs to be a feature request to have it wait to play the scene on the beat rather than on click, but I'll gladly be wrong.)

Thanks in advance!

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Yea, I set a couple up so the last step plays 'first' and that seems to work fairly consistently. It's not 100% but it seems easier to manage than running them in order best I can tell. Just trying to find a way to consistently get it to play the right step every time.

Next thing I'm going to try here is to just duplicate the first step as it's own scene, and set it to next scene on a very very short time, and see if that lets it just work itself out.

Past that I may try out DMXis with Ableton to run the scenes with myDMX. A bit of leg work, but a bit more peace of mind at any rate.

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