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Hello!  New user of MyDMX3 here, it's actually the very first lighting software I've ever used, as I'm mostly into live sound!    When in Live mode, Is there a way to adjust playback speed by inputing a percentage of the speed already set in the scene?  I have seen the "hare" speed adjustment slider but it's somewhat coarse and un-repeatable and doesn't provide a number for the offset.  Using the Tap function means the Scene playback will be hung the time it takes to enable Tap and do the tapping.  On top of that, the BPM value is lost when the software is Quit then relaunched.


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Ok then! In the meantime, may I ask another question?

I want to lay two distinct Matrix effects on a set of 12 RGB fixtures, arrayed in a single horizontal line.  I want one effect on the odd fixtures and another effect on the even fixtures.  I setup two groups of fixtures, odds and evens.  I have a hard time puting the effects on each group.  The first effect will be overwritten by the second when I try to stack them.  I have to move one group to separate them (in the lower right window), apply the effect to each separated group, generate the effect, then put back the two groups in their initial position.  Am I missing something or it's the way it works?

Thanks again!

The only way for stacking cues to work is to ensure channels reserved for the odds are not in use for the evens, and vice versa, also you cannot edit or add an effect to already generated sequence, it would need to be in its own scene and for stacking it would need to be in its own scene GROUP.
I would suggest watching a few video tutorials on how stacking works in mydmx 3. Look for my screen name on youtube and then find my channel and then my playlists and i have one for mydmx 3.

Hi!  I'm not stacking cues while in Live mode.  I want to put two distinct effects on two bunch of fixtures while in Edit mode, before I clic on "Generate".

Something may be fishy with my system, as I often have weird behaviors of the app, and I can't quit it without having an error message about a crash (see pic) and having the computer asking if I want to report the crash to Apple.

I will watch your tutorials on YT!


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