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I create a LOT of scenes, and I kow I'm not alone. Just starting out on the version 2.0 from one and in two days I have over 150. I figure I'm about halfway there.

Moving all those scenes around can be a really CRAZY pain, because the only way to reorder the scenes is to click an arrow. 150 times. Each scene I create from copying an existing scene, if I want to move it to the top.

Would someone be so kind as to add a hold feature to the arrow button to allow one click to move an item up or down the list? Maybe even allow ctrl+click multiple scene selection? Even a mouse drag and drop?

Any of these things would be swell.

And the bug I'm finding on PC 2.0 is if you make a mistake while editing, and try to reload the same save you're in, it crashes. The only way to undo a mistake is restart the program.
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Hi Lost, thanks for the feedback.

Yes, we know about reorganizing huge amounts of scenes is very cumbersome, we do have on our to do list a way of being able to quickly reorganize scenes, so it is on our to do list.

what exact version date are you using? Also re-load what save? I'm not too sure I fully understand, please provide more details or even a small video. Thanks!
MyDMX 2.0 Version 14.1223.10630.457 Windows 7

EDIT: The crash does not occur if the Scene Builder window is closed.

You can open a different file without crashing, but if you reload the current file on top of itself, that's when it crashes. A workaround could be have an alternate file to load, and THEN load the file you're actually working on.

I hope the scene management gets a shot in the arm soon. Thanks!
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