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Hello All,
I am still demo-ing MyDmx (no interface). I tried the "easy" hands on approach and got an obey 10 that was ok til it died within 6 months. Before buying it I looked at mydmx and asked Jingles for a profile or two which were sent. Now I am seriously considering the package this Holiday season but, have to ask...The profile is for a Scantron 250 bought from pssl just under a year ago. Is it supposed to match the color, color splits, and gobo patterns the light actually can do in the interface. The two (on site/profile and one sent) are completely wrong for the light. I am mistaken in how it works or do I just have the wrong profile????
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Is there something wrong with my profile? haha. Yes it should match the colors at least. Unless the profile was made based solely off the DMX traits. If i don't have any pics of the gobo's or any description of the colors you will get color 1, color 2, and gobo 1, and gobo 2 etc in the profile. Also no you won't be able to see the color splits in the 3D. The 3D software just can't render it as of right now. Hope I answered all your questions.
Thanks Guys for replying so quickly. I have done a little more searching and found out the profile that was sent and the ones in the scanlibrary are not the right one. Jingles if you would take a look at this link and tell me if you have one or can help me make one for it.
I also tried the one for the Rollertron 250 and it is the closest and shows the one quad color effect in the colors. Are they the same light just one is flat mirrored and one barrel (ie same amount of colors, gobos, and same gobo designs)? And if so then it can be relabled and used for it correct? Thanks for your patience and help

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