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Ive been looking through the manual and searching the net for answers to a few head scratchers.

Is there a save function to projects? Not seeing a way. Same question for presets created from presets.

Is there a place to go to fast track understanding of  this program in relation to the lights I'm using? It seems some buttons control more than 1 light. Some I've yet to press as they seem greyed out. Or I press and see no response. Thanks much. 

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Thanks again. I watched a mess of videos over the last week. Most guys banter on and dont get to the point or teach it clearly. I watched the one you posted 2 days ago. I did not glean much from him regarding useful program understanding. I'm using these with bands rather than dj work, so getting a grasp of a high level of control is high on my need list.

This does seem counter intuitive to the way a hardware controller (or mixing console as I do studio and live audio) works. I have found nothing 'easy' about it once I got past connection and wifi. Equating pictures to function is a learn curve in itself.

Can you shed light on project and prest saving, please? Much appreciated, Jingles!

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