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hi im new to these boards and i own a cdi 500 and i am kind of new to the dj scene, i was wondering is there a demo video on how to use this? becouse i am extremly confused on allot of the features. what do the time and the ratio knobs do? and what does parameter mean? and whats the best way to beat match / mix with these, there isnt a beat keeper / lock?

any help is appreciated,
thanks a bunch
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Rock.. your best bet, and advice would be to pick up a pro scratch 2 video from Brian ADJ... I'll see if he can ship you a tape. I'll have him contact you.. Wink The pro scratch 2 video will help you alot on the cdi 500.. the functions are similiar, and the layout will be familiar for you to learn everything on the 500. Wink
Rockyabody (love that name),

Stevie Ray and DJ Skilz both have good points....

We don't have a CDI500 demo video but we do have a DCD-PRO1000 demo DVD (which is like two CDI500s in one). So you could watch this for the tips. E-mail me with your mailing address and I will ship the PRO1000 DVD and a Pro-Scratch2 vhs out to you. Will you be at the DJ Expo this week?
Yes, i will be at the dj expo with dj resound, we both live in the same state and we decided to head up togther, he gave me the both of the videos that were sent to him and i learned allot from them,
thanks for the great quality products and for making a video on how to use them!
resound and i only went for 1 day to the expo was pretty cool. couldnt stay for the whole week becouse we both had to work and couldnt take the days off. although see'ing him almost get into a fist fight with some mean guy from becouse he said something about resounds girlfriend (she went to)and he flipped! although it was pretty funny i didnt see someone clunch there fists so fast as he did.

anyways he asked me to put up his new cd

You can buy it off of his website from the store link in about 2 weeks.

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