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Hello !

I would like to thank the developers for this easy to use software.

Our Hall is equipped with several elements :

  • 10 Light Beams
  • 7 Pars
  • 8 Scans
  • 1 Laser, Strob, etc...

With this amount of elements, I have divided the .dvc file for each type of element and each type of element is divided in groups of function. For example, my light Beams have several groups:

  • Beams-Dimmer
  • Beams-Color
  • Beams-Movement
  • Beams-Gobo
  • ...

And so on for each type of element.

Then, I created a group named Color that will command all colors for all elements. There are other groups for "Dimmer", "Movement".
For example, the scene named "Red" in the group "Color" has only one step lasting 40 ms (the minimum). "Alwas Loop" and "Release at end" are unchecked. When the scene end (in 40 ms), it will jump to "red" of each element -> "Beams-Color", "Pars-Color", etc...

I have noticed if you click on "Pause" of group Color and you change scene by clicking on "previous/foward" or just by clicking with your mouse, the scene is not applied (so the scene doesn't jump).

With this technique, I can prepare a next ambiance during the light show. Then, when I stop the "pause", the next scene (or the color) is almost instantly launched.

I have an Akai APC Mini that I linked to the file. Some buttons are used to go foward or previous in the scene and one button is used to activate or desactivate the "pause" of the group.

There is a mark named "Enable Note Off and velocity/value 0". When I check it, the "pause" will be activited only when I press the button. Then, it will desactivate the "pause" when the button is released. Is it possible to get the opposite behaviour ? The "pause" is always activated and when I press the button it will be desactivated, then when I release the button "pause" will be activated again.

With this amount of groups, I have noticed that the software is more unstable and some freeze could appear. Do you have tips to optimize my file ?

For example, when I create a scene to change color, it only contains one step that change only few channels. When, this step last the minimum (40 ms) instead of 1 s (the default value), I have noticed the loading bar stop, is it more optimized to do this in this way ?

Thank you in advance,

Best regards.

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