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Sure you can. You will need a controller that has chases or shows (for the most part they are the same thing) and a built in ability to trigger off of sound.

To creat a "show" you first create two or more "scenes." A "scene" is a static light setting, i.e., you use the controller to set your lights to do what you want and save that as a scene. [In your case you would set all the lights to one color, and set the brightness where you want.]

Then you would would change the light settings to the other static condition you want and save that to another scene. [You can create as many variations of scenes as you like.]

Now create a show which displays one scene and then the other in a continuous loop. Then select "sound" (as opposed to time or tap) to trigger the show's change from one scene to the next.
When you are using DMX and then tell your lights to go into SOUND ACTIVE mode(again, you're controlling them in MyDMX), each light responds to it's OWN microphone, and hence responds independently.

Your best bet is to run them as master/slaves so they all listen to the first fixture, but then you can't use them as DMX fixtures.

Hobson's idea involves using a DMX controller, such as a DMX Operator, or in his case a Magic 260. It should work fine.

My idea requires significantly more cost and so I won't discuss it. It does still involve some of the stuff Hobson describes, just ultimately done via PC-based software instead of a hardware controller.

Jingles is right in the fact that it could all happen by random.

In one scene in a big show I do, I'm actually relying on these fixtures behaving independently to make the scene work. I also set the sensitivities different to ensure randomness. I have 8 64 LED Pros, and I get the results I wanted, which is a lack of consistency and lots of bright flashing colors. Flawless every single time! It's high-energy and the lights help bring it out!

The only way you're going to do what you want to do can't be done the way you want to do it. You have to take control of it one way or another to make it happen. The key is to make it appear random. Good luck there. But if you can take the control, then the rest is just trial and error until you like the results
Jingles, Please re-read my post.

I did NOT say put the FIXTURE in sound mode, I said put the CONTROLLER in sound mode. For example, I routinely push the "SOUND" button on my Magic 260 and the shows change from scene to scene based on the sound picked up by the controller's microphone.

You may be saying, "Nope, a controller like MyDMX can't do it." But my post started off by saying that you had to use a controller with a built in sound mode.

As Chris said, "It should work fine."
Hobson please note the time that my post and your post were posted. At the time I posted this i was in the middle of setting up a gig and to my knowledge I was the only and 1st person to respond to the poster. since then I had not posted any sort of reply to anybody as I agree with what you and Chris both said.
Hobson's idea about putting the CONTROLLER in sound active mode has merit. The only downside is that the operator has to still program the "random" scenes for the color change. Going this route does take away a little bit of operator control, but it's done at the request of teh operator, so technically it is under control. Using the internal microphone of the controller will bounce all the lights to the next scene together, and since you've programmed all your "random colors" in a very deliberate manner, the controller will ensure you "jump to the beat".

MyDMX can't do this. A DMX Operator can. I am not familiar with the Magic 260, but I'm assuming Hobson will be able to answer that.

I think if we get real specific as to HOW to go about doing this, we can lead the original poster to a path that should provide a solution that works within what the original poster has to work with.

I dislike the idea of putting the lights in a master/slave mode and then running them off switching packs. Just a big waste of functionality and is generally not a recommended method of deploying the fixtures.
Thanks guys for the replies.

My original post was to se if all colours could be the same running on sound alone without using a controller. It was meant as a stop gap while i programmed my lights via Showcontroller Alien aaparatus.

I am now programming the lights so i can achieve the desired effect.

One problem i'm expirencing is when ever i use the colour RED it seems to freeze every so often.

I'm probably not using the lights as effective as i could,ie the strobe speed seems vry eratic,either too fast or too slow but ive saved a scene with it and it looks okay.

Would be nice if people could post videos of their light shows and explain how they achieved them.

Once again thanks for all the help

I have a large show that I used to use with MyDMX, but I moved to Compu Show because it was the right product for the job.

I don't have the animatic available, but I had to time things out. While it works within the computer, it doesn't work too good live(MyDMX) as not all systems play at the same exact speed(media player vs. computer). Not saying MyDMX doesn't work great live, it does, it just wasn't the deal product for what my ultimate goals where for that show.

Ensure you're using the latest MyDMX. Having soemthing show in red shouldn't cause a crash. Also, the 3D visualizer is more for reference, not 100% absolute accuracy. Certain things can't be displayed, some things aren't super accurate, but it should be sufficient for getting things done to the point where you can fine tune it on site.
If you want to run your lights in stand-alone mode, you can definately link the 64 LED Pros up in a master/slave, keying off the master fixture set in sound active mode. They'll have to not be on your DMX chain and can't be run in DMX mode when like this, but that will work. The Master will be the active mic, and will send color change information(matching) to all fixtures on the slave chain.

(sorry if any terminilogy is offending. That's not the intent. I'm sure most of you aren't familiar wiht tram/trib terminology, which was created to get away from the offensive master/slave terminology)

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