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Is there a way to either get access to older versions of fixture profiles or, copy a a fixture profile from a currently loaded show?

Here is my problem.  Earlier in the year, I added a new patch for 2 Chauvet Intimidator Beam 140SR lights.  I then upgraded Compu show to a newer version (with the American DJ branding).  I just got 6 more of the Beam 140SR but when I added them, the fixture profile no longer has the GOBO icons (it just shows gobo 1, gobo 2 etc).

I've actually noticed this same issue with various profiles over the years so I thought I'd ask why the newer versions of the profiles sometimes have features missing that the earlier versions had?  Also, is it possible to find the older version of the profile in drop box or somewhere within my show.  I was lucky enough to clone my show file before I made the changes so I still have the show with the 2 fixtures and the better profile if that helps my scenario?



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Hi, so sometimes this happens when say for example we at ADJ or Elation make a profile but then don't give it to the developers to over write the main library that gets installed and it then uses that profile in the library, this is why we tell people to test their profiles and once they get them where they want, they save a back up of them to a folder somewhere.
For me that back up location is our ADJ Dropbox folder. but you can find the exact profile you are looking for with gobo icons from this link:

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