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Hello everyone,
we have released an update for the Easy Remote App (search Easy Remote by Lightingsoft AG) we would like some outside input on the APP.... Please download this and test it out Give me some feedback so i can get the app built in and around what you all like... Im looking for bugs and any other issues you see....

Install the App, have your computer connected to a Wifi router. Log your smart device into the wifi network and it will link up to MyDmx2. Build a custom layout and patch just like you do midi... play and let me know what you think of it....
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Good job... Love the update now I can see what I'm controlling without guessing. Smiler

Just a quick question - is there a way in MyDMX 2.0 and the Easy Remote app to make a button that is linked to the Auto/LTP/HTP button at the bottom of a channel's fader (in user mode).

I have a DMX haze machine on 2 channels, one channel controls the intensity of the output level and I have been leaving it at zero in all of my scenes and simply clicking HTP on that channel and putting the value to whatever output I require. At present I can only map the fader and not the button below it.
tanguero - The app runs Andriod and Apple devices. does the app open? or not download, what is it doing?

Bodz - as of now, no you can not link to the button bellow, however, you can simply leave the button on ltp/htp and then use the fader as you want. You dont have to set it back to auto every time you use it

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