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Apologies if this is the wrong forum, mods please move to the correct one!

In the MyDMXBuddy online manual which I found (http://adjmedia.s3-website-eu-...uals/mydmx_buddy.pdf) it mentions the 'upcoming' Easy Remote app, which has clearly been released long since that was written!

On a YouTube video about using MyDMX2.0 hardware, it says that Easy Remote does not work with the Buddy.

Can anyone confirm any of this? I have tried using Easy Remote today but just got a 'no controller' warning. Devices (Mac and iPad / iPhone) definitely on the same network.

If this does not work with the Buddy, if I upgrade the software to 3.0 would this give me Easy Remote? Or do I need to buy the physical MyDMX 2.0 device?

Many thanks for any help and apologies if this is obvious!

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Thanks so much for helping Jingles! Yes so I've registered already and have seen the possible updates but wasn't quite sure what they all gave me (it doesn't seem to give too much explanation!)

So basically MyDMXBudy comes with an 'express' version of software, so I'll just need to update to say 2.0 and get the full version - then that would give me the option to use Easy Remote?

Thanks - if so, that's something I'll definitely do!

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