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myDMX Buddy and MyDMX 2.1 software

Apologies if this is the wrong forum, mods please move to the correct one!

In the MyDMXBuddy online manual which I found (http://adjmedia.s3-website-eu-...uals/mydmx_buddy.pdf) it mentions the 'upcoming' Easy Remote app, which has clearly been released long since that was written!

On a YouTube video about using MyDMX2.0 hardware, it says that Easy Remote does not work with the Buddy.

Can anyone confirm any of this? I have tried using Easy Remote today but just got a 'no controller' warning. Devices (Mac and iPad / iPhone) definitely on the same network.

If this does not work with the Buddy, if I upgrade the software to 3.0 would this give me Easy Remote? Or do I need to buy the physical MyDMX 2.0 device?

Many thanks for any help and apologies if this is obvious!

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